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common questions

Our support team is looking for useful product information and answers to frequently asked questions. If you find an error in our FAQ, please let us know using our contact form.

My washing machine does not drain, what can I do?checkedThe main reason a washing machine won't drain is a clogged pump or drain hose. If your washing machine has access to these parts, try to unclog them. If that doesn't fix the problem or you don't have access to these parts, contact a mechanic or the manufacturer.

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My washing machine won't turn on when I press the power button, what can I do?checkedIn many cases, the washing machine door did not close properly. Open and close the door and try again.

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Water does not enter my washing machine, what can I do?checkedCheck that the water inlet is open and that the water inlet hose is not kinked. If this does not resolve the issue, contact the manufacturer.

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My washing machine door won't open, what can I do?checkedThere could be several causes. The most common cause is that the filter is clogged. Disconnect the device from the mains and check the filter. If necessary, remove blockages. Filter position varies by model. There may also be a special lever for opening the door. If these options do not help, the last resort is to disconnect the device for 30-60 minutes and try to open the port. If that doesn't work, contact the manufacturer or a mechanic.

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My washing machine makes a lot of noise and/or vibrates, what can I do?checkedWashing machine may not have been leveled. You can do this by adjusting the feet so they are perfectly level. The problem can also be caused by putting too much laundry in the machine. If these are not the cause of your problem, contact the manufacturer.

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Which compartment should the detergent go in?checkedMost washing machines have 3 compartments for detergent. These compartments are usually marked with I, II and * to indicate where the detergent goes. Compartment I is used for a prewash, compartment II for the main wash and compartment * for fabric softener. Compartment II is used most often.

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My washing machine is smelling bad, what can I do?checkedThere are washing machines with a self-cleaning function. If these functions are not available, you can add 100 ml of white vinegar or 100 g of soda crystals and run the washing machine on a 90 degree program.

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Can I connect my washing machine to a hot water connection?checkedAlthough washing machines let in water up to 65°C, most manufacturers advise against it. There are wash cycles that specifically use cold water. In these cases, warm water can affect the results of the wash cycle. Also, many washing machines are designed to be connected to a cold water outlet.

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What should I consider when moving a washing machine?checkedWhen transporting a washing machine, you need to protect the drum. You can use the shipping lock that comes with every washer and it will keep the drum from moving in the machine. It is also necessary to drain all the water.

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Can I stack my dryer and washing machine?checkedIt is usually possible to stack a dryer and a washing machine directly on top of each other. This only works with front loader models. However, it is advisable to use an appropriate accessory for this. This prevents machines from vibrating and falling over, and also prevents damage to the machine floor.

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What is the difference in usage between a washer and dryer and a separate washer and dryer?checkedThe biggest advantage of a washer and dryer is that it takes up less space. However, a separate dryer can dry more than a washer and dryer. A washer-dryer also consumes relatively more energy and takes longer.

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Can I connect a washing machine to an extension cord?checkedDevices that require a lot of power, such as B. a washing machine, cannot be connected to all extension cords. Look at the washing machine's power consumption, listed in watts, and see if your extension cord can handle it. There are extension cords with thicker wires that are suitable for larger devices.

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My Bush washing machine shows an E03 error, what does this mean?checkedThe pump is faulty or the filter is clogged. Clean the filter. If the problem persists, you should contact the manufacturer or a mechanic.

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My Bush washing machine shows an E01 error, what does this mean?checkedThe machine door is open. Close the door. If the problem persists, you should contact the manufacturer or a mechanic.

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My Bush washing machine shows an E04 error, what does this mean?checkedThere is too much water in the machine. Let the machine discharge, turn it off and unplug the power cord. call again. If the problem persists, you should contact the manufacturer or a mechanic.

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Join the conversation about this product

moho lynne 16-02-2020
On December 18th you purchased a Bush WMDF612W and should be able to select the program and press start. So far, this has happened intermittently, to say the least, as the machine won't boot. Without multiple attempts??? Any advice please? The door is securely closed and the machine is not overloaded.

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Jeremy Bearimy 12-05-2019
How do I remove the filter on my WMDF612w?

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dave 03.03.2021
Hi my G washing machine has the top light and bottom light flashing which means the G end is not working

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Amanda 29.07.2021
hello my washing machine does not turn on help me

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Tracey 17-10-2022
My rubber seal between the port and the cylinder came loose. Not if it can be arranged.

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Christine Bridget Siddle 19-10-2022
hello my neighbor washed last night after 2 hours it turned off now this morning it does not start selected daily 60 pressed delay / time to stop flashing start button pressed but does not start just hear a click can you explain why this happens?

(Video) How to : Remove and clean filter on a Bush washing machine

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