What is a VPN concentrator and what is it for - VPN Unlimited (2023)

Nowadays, online safety is becoming more and more important with the growing popularity of remote work. Data breaches, cyber attacks, fake public WiFi hotspots, malware and other privacy threats are lurking online. To avoid them and ensure your sensitive information and online activities are kept away from the prying eyes of hackers, start with a reputable VPN concentrator.

In this article we will find out what a VPN concentrator is and what its purpose is. Read on to see it!

Detailed VPN concentrator review

A VPN concentrator is a network device that makes it possibleSet up and manage multiple virtual tunnelsat the same time and offers aencrypted connection between different VPN nodes. Since we are on the same page, a virtual tunnel is a secure connection that is usedadvanced encryption technologiesto protect all your data and online traffic.

In other words, a VPN concentratorexpands the possibilities of a VPN router. This network device can serve thousands of users at the same time, creating a virtual tunnel for each of them. So when an organization or company uses a VPN concentrator, their employees can securely connect to the company's network from anywhere in the world.

Principle of operation of the VPN concentrator

A VPN concentrator does awork similar to virtual private network solutions- encrypts incoming and outgoing internet traffic, implements security protocols to create impenetrable tunnels, hides a real IP address with a virtual one and so on.

How a VPN concentrator works:

  • This solution creates multiple encrypted tunnels within a single network to reliably protect Internet traffic.
  • Confirms the authentication of users who have access to the centralized system.
  • In addition, this network device encrypts online traffic and ensures end-to-end encryption.
  • The Virtual Private Network Hub masks a user's real IP address and assigns them a virtual address.

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What is a VPN concentrator used for?

Despite the high level of privacy that VPN concentrators offer, these network devices are rarely used. VPN concentrators are mostly used in large companies with many remote workers. The use of this technology helps companiesEnsuring the same level of protection for all your employees.

VPN-Konzentrator vs. VPN-Server

VPN concentrators work at the front of the network, typically next to or under a firewall. This hardware device comes with dedicated software that determines the number of available VPN connections. The hub works in a similar way to a VPN, but on a larger scale. It also encrypts data and web traffic. In addition, the hub encapsulates data using security protocols.

The main difference between a VPN concentrator and aServer-VPNis that the former is rarely used in the private sphere. You're more likely to see them in large corporate networks with many remote workers. It's also commonly adopted by organizations where a secure remote connection is critical, such as: B. in the military.

VPN-Konzentrator vs. VPN-Router

So what is the difference between aVPN-Routertunnel capable and a VPN concentrator? The answer really depends on the type of router you're talking about, as they differ in terms of the type of remote access you get, certain underlying features, and the applications you use.

In general, for an SMB, a VPN router is preferable in most cases. In this way, you give your organization the benefit of additional security while significantly reducing costs. However, if you work for a medium to large company, need an industrial solution and are not concerned about the cost, a VPN concentrator could be a good option.

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