What is a VPN concentrator? (2023)

What is a VPN concentrator?

A VPN concentrator is a hardware device that remotely creates and manages multiple VPN connections. Similar to a VPN, it encrypts incoming and outgoing data and uses security protocols to create secure tunnels, but on a larger scale. It is commonly used by large companies with many remote workers.

A VPN concentrator expands the possibilities of aVPN-Routerand can serve thousands of users at the same time. With this device you can set up several encrypted VPN tunnels at the same time and thus establish a secure connection between different VPN nodes. Each user receives an encryptionVPN-Tunnel, allowing them to securely connect to the corporate network from anywhere in the world.

What does a VPN concentrator do?

These are the main features of a VPN concentrator:

  • Create encrypted tunnels to protect your traffic. You can create multiple VPN tunnels on a single network;
  • authentication of users accessing the centralized system;
  • encryption and decryption of data;
  • assigning IP addresses to users;
  • guaranteeEnd-to-End Encryptionfrom a centralized network to a remote client.

Using VPN concentrators helps companies ensure the same level of protection for all their employees.

You should only consider using a VPN concentrator if you run a large business, as their maintenance costs are quite high. For a smaller number of users, a VPN router can be a sufficient safeguard as it is much cheaper and easier to maintain. However, it is quite difficult to configure a VPN router for a larger number of connections, so a VPN concentrator is a more convenient option in such cases.

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VPN concentrators are not to be confusedVPN site one siteServices. The latter establish secure connections between fixed locations (e.g. multiple offices), which can then access the same internal databases and systems.

The most popular VPN concentrators

Similar to VPN services, there are many VPN concentrator manufacturers. Their price depends on how many VPN tunnels they can support and their workload capabilities. Here are some of the most popular brands:

  • Cisco Meraki. Cisco is one of the leading manufacturers of VPN concentrators. Their hubs are usually easy to implement and suitable for exceptionally large companies;
  • ShoreTel. With ShoreTel VPN concentrators, you can configure a remote IP telephony network that protects IP phones;
  • Aruba. Hewlett-Packard also has a stake in the VPN concentrator market. Its products are useful tools to connect your enterprise system with remote users.

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