The Complete Guide to Wall Advertising: Cost, Legal, and More (2023)

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  • What is wall advertising?
  • Where can you put posters?
  • How do you get advertising space on the wall?
  • Which ad categories use wall ads?
  • How much does wall advertising cost?
  • Is wall advertising legal?
  • Who paints the murals in the advertisements?
  • How long does it take to paint a mural?
  • How big are the billboards?
  • How long do posters last?
  • Instagram and Wall Advertising: A Combination Made for Clicks
  • More things to consider when using wall advertising

Attracting attention is the ultimate in advertising. Posting something people can't help but check out is the first step to a successful campaign. And when an ad looks more like a work of art than a big "buy" sign, you know you've won.

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That's why so many advertisers are attractedmuralAnnouncement. It offers a way to capture the essence of the brand in a creative and compelling way. These painted ads can be just as effective as billboards, sometimes even more effective as they can go viral. We've put together this guide to wall advertising to answer all your questions about the medium.

What is wall advertising?

Wall advertising is any type of hand-painted advertising that appears on a wall. Ads are sometimes referred to as hand-painted billboards. There is no default size, position or style.

Where can you put posters?

The Complete Guide to Wall Advertising: Cost, Legal, and More (1)You can hang advertising murals on any wall. They are usually done in big cities to make them accessible to the widest possible audience, although this is not always the case: you can also create hand-painted walls in smaller venues for an upcoming concert (for example, one of theCities Leading to Coachella).

How do you get advertising space on the wall?

The wall almost always belongs to a seller or company. Each of you can lease the space to advertisers. If you belong to a provider, the process is easier, although you may have to pay for this convenience. If a company owns the space, it will need landlord approval and may need to obtain building permits.

Those who decide against a vendor can scout locations, which can take days, and even then there's no guarantee the landlord will want to lease the space. At least with a provider you know the space is regularly used for advertising.

Which ad categories use wall ads?

You can find hand-painted walls from some of the biggest companies in the world, from adidas to Netflix andGivenchyfor Chanel. It can be effective for virtually any industry.

How much does wall advertising cost?

Mural painting costs around $15,000 to $25,000. Pricing varies based on many of the common out-of-home media variables such as: eg.:

  • Location.
  • Ciudad.
  • wall complexity
  • ad duration.

The Complete Guide to Wall Advertising: Cost, Legal, and More (2)We haven't seen a mural for less than $13,000, and the average cost is between $18,000 and $20,000. A premium mural with a complex theme or prime location costs between $24,000 and $26,000.

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A large mural can cost anywhere from $45,000 to $50,000. Some of the most desirable locations in Los Angeles include those in West Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard, which can double the asking price of something in East Los Angeles. Prices may be higher in New York City, where advertising costs are generally higher.

Is wall advertising legal?

Yes and no.

wall advertising issimilar to wild post, in the sense that there are many ways to do it right, but if you don't know the rules or aren't trying to do it right, you could be breaking the law. Having an agency that will work with you and know the policies is one way to avoid this problem.

The most important thing is to obtain the owner's consent. Get the green light in writing and agree on the size of the mural.

Also find out about local regulations. Los Angeles, for example, makes artistic and promotional distinctions between murals that contain more than 3% text and those that don't, although the latter can be a great representation of a logo.

Who paints the murals in the advertisements?

Street artists create most of the paintings for vendors. Sometimes an advertiser would like a specific artist to paint the mural, perhaps one of themfollow not instagramhas a unique style. Painting starts with a base coat, then the artist paints more detail in subsequent steps.

How long does it take to paint a mural?

The Complete Guide to Wall Advertising: Cost, Legal, and More (3)Typically, a project can be completed in a week. Most take three to five days, depending on the complexity of the mural. Sometimes two painters work on it, so it takes less time to paint. One painter can work on the left side and another on the right, or painters can split the top and bottom of the wall.

How big are the billboards?

Size varies from project to project because wall sizes are different. A standard size can range from 10 feet x 20 feet to 10 x 15 to 15 x 14, but we've seen them up to 56 feet tall. The bigger the place, the more you have to pay.

How long do posters last?

Most rent for four weeks, like any standard outdoor media room. Others may stay three months or even longer; Some companies leave the murals forever and use them as trademarks or memorials.

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Instagram and Wall Advertising: A Combination Made for Clicks

The Complete Guide to Wall Advertising: Cost, Legal, and More (4)We have definitely noticed a growing demand for this form of advertising in recent years. If you can attribute the recent wall advertising renaissance to anything, it might be the rise of Instagram users. Murals get a second life when someone takes a picture of them and posts it on Instagram. Clever, well-crafted ads or ads painted by a well-known artist often go viral and expose the ad to far more people than they would have seen in person.

For example, Kendall Jenner got 7.9 million views on Instagram promoting an Adidas message in front of one of the company's murals, which earned her tremendous exposure.

More things to consider when using wall advertising

The Complete Guide to Wall Advertising: Cost, Legal, and More (5)Here are some other insider tips we gleaned while running billboards for clients:

  • Have a concept for your mural ready at least two weeks before you start painting. This preparation will keep costs down.
  • Understand that wall advertising requires an investment of time and money. We don't recommend skimping on murals - it shows when they're done on the cheap and makes your brand look bad.
  • Mural companies in New York and Los Angeles are common, and Brooklyn has murals everywhere. We've also seen great examples in Austin, Chicago and Portland, Oregon, as well as several under development in Dallas.
  • Murals seem to work best in places with a good artistic culture.

If you want a wall advertising agency, contact DASH TWO. We made murals for a variety of clients; see examples forKlarnajLady Gaga- and they are always funny.Get in touch todayTo the start.

written by Rodolfo Queiroz

Rodolfo Queiroz is an expert in the world outside the home and lives in Los Angeles, California and currently works at DASH TWO. Rodolfo has worked closely with clients primarily in the apparel and music industries, including American Apparel, CoverFX and Interscope Records. As part of an agency, Rodolfo works with clients to help develop offsite campaigns that engage audiences through brand awareness and support their respective business objectives. He is responsible for developing and organizing the OOH strategy of the clients' brands.

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