The best ways to get euros for your trip to Paris - Paris Discovery Guide (2023)

"Does France (and Paris) use euros as their currency?"

"He mustbring euroswith me on my trip to Paris?"

"Hold onexchange dollars or another currency for euros until after my arrival?"

"What are theyThe best places to exchange dollars for eurosin Paris How can IAvoid paying too muchin exchange rates and services?"

These are just some of the mostcommon questionsabout how to comefrench moneyasked by first-time visitors to Paris. Even if you're confused about the best way to get euros, the process ismuch lighter and easierthan you might expect, especially when you have the up-to-date information we're about to share in this article and how to avoid some costly pitfalls.

our answersfor thatFrequently asked questions about the eurofor your trip to Paris and our tips for paying in Paris with euros or your own currencyAll you need to know- and hopefullySave some money!

We've collected a lot of information in this article, so use these links to quickly find what you need:

  • Why receive euros before arriving in Paris?
  • Where can I get euros at Charles de Gaulle Airport?
  • How to keep your money safe
  • Where to get euros in paris
  • Euro - What you need to know
  • This reduces your need for euros

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How to Get and Use Euros to Visit Paris Before Traveling

Does Paris, France use Euros?

E.EuroThey are used by most of the European Union countries, which makes traveling between countries very convenient. The exceptions where you cannot use euros are Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden.

If you plan aadditional trip to LondonWhile in Paris, you should be aware that you cannot use euros in London (or anywhere else in the UK), so you might as well get somesterlingbefore travelling, you will basically do so in the same way you receive euros.

Do I need to get French money before arriving in Paris?

Oh noterConvert dollars, pounds, rands or your country's currency into euros before arriving in Paris, but even if you plan on using a credit or debit card for most of your travel expenses, you may want to have some euro cash with you. you 100 € 200 - can be aConveniencefor many reasons:

  • You might want to stop at the airport for coffee and a croissant before heading to Paris. A minimum purchase of €10-20 may be required to pay by credit or debit card. Having some cash saves you having to buy a few extra croissants to meet the minimum balance, or worse, having to forgo coffee.
  • If you are going into town by taxi, RER train or bus, you may want to pay in cash. For example, if you take the Roissy bus to Paris and you have euros, you can buy your ticket on board, easier and faster than having to queue at the RATP machine at the airport to buy a ticket. Taxis operating to and from Paris airports are supposed to accept credit cards, but their machines don't always work (or so they say); Paying in cash in euros avoids an unexpected stop at the ATM. Also, if you are paying with a credit card but want to tip the taxi driver, you will need euros, as in most cases in France it is not possible to add a tip to a credit card transaction.
  • Also, there's always a small chance that your credit card(s) or ATM card won't work; For example, if you forget to inform your bank or credit card company about your travel plans before you leave, your card may be blocked. when you see a transaction from France. An emergency reserve in euros makes sense until the credit card or ATM situation is clarified. (Although these are notedTips for business travelers:1) Always bring more than one credit card and, if possible, an ATM card, and 2) put "Set up travel advisories for credit cards and banks" on your "Do it before you go" checklist.

So yes, you have onesmall amount of money in eurosIf youcome to parisesalways a good idea.

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Where is the best place to buy euros in the US before my trip?

In the United States, thethe best place to buy euroswith dollars it's usually yoursbank or credit unionBecause they are usually the cheapest. They typically trade close to the "market" exchange rate and pay little or no service fees. (Notice how many times we say “general”? Always check fees before transacting, as there may be exceptions.)

Depending on where you live, your bank or credit union may require this.up to a week or moreTherefore, allow sufficient time to request and receive foreign currency. Banks and credit unions in urban areas generally have faster response times than those in suburban or rural areas.

Other options includeTravel Service ClubswithAAA(United States) andCAA(You have).Exchange rates may be lower(meaning you get less euros for your dollars) than your bank, and you usually have to pay aService chargeand maybe aShipping.Check with your local club office as fees vary by region. As with banks, ask for your euroat least one week in advance.


Travelexand exchange offices are another option.You usually get oneworse exchange ratethan your bank, but you may find this to be the casebut comfortablejthe fastestPossibility.

With Travelex you can pick up or pick up your euros at a local office or at the departure airporthome deliveryShipping is free on orders over a certain amount (usually $1,000); Otherwise, you will pay a shipping fee. The best part?Travelex is fast.As a rule, you will receive your euros byNext day. And you can't beat itConveniencevonhome delivery

bottom line:What is theto improveway to get eurosbefore you travelthe cheapestthe path will pass through youBanco.ANDfaster and more convenientthe way can be throughTravelexor a similar service.

and don't waste timeConcerned about cost differences in obtaining Euros before travel. If you only need $100-$200, the difference in cost between buying from your bank and AAA or a service like Travelex is usually less than what you would pay for a fewbig mocha ripsde Starbucks.

What are the best euro denominations to travel with?

Always claim your euros in €5, €10 and €20 denominations. If possible, you do not want to receive them in €50 or €100 denominations because of concerns about counterfeit banknotes on the part of companies. Smaller stores may not accept them, and in some places the cashier will scan them to see if they are legit.

How much money (euros) will I need per day during my trip to Paris?

Everyone's daily cash needs are different, but many visitors use this strategy to manage travel expenses and cash needs:

  • Payment in advanceas much travel expenses as possible in dollars (or other local currency); this may include your hotel, tours and activities,museum passes,concert ticketsand tickets to attractions (which usually also allowskip line);Use a booking service such asget your guideThis allows you to pay in your own currency.
  • Bring €100-200 cashto Paris to cover small expenses, tips and maybe a cab ride into town
  • Use a credit or debit cardfrom a bank withLow or non-existent foreign transaction feesto get paid for most other purchases while in Paris such as; B. Restaurant meals and any purchases you make
  • Replenish your cash supply as needed at local ATMs and plan to spend approx.100€-200€for your next trip to Paris (or another eurozone country)

If you use this approach. All you need to do is calculate how much money you will need per day for tips and other small expenses and multiply this amount by the number of days you will be in Paris.

Should I take traveler's checks with me when I go to Paris?

No. Travelers checks have not been widely accepted in hotels, restaurants, shops or any other business in Paris for decades. ATMs and credit and debit cards have made them obsolete in France.

Can I get euros at Charles de Gaulle airport?

yes you will seetravelex machines,which look almost exactly like ATMs, in various locations around the CDG, most notably Terminal 2, where most international flights arrive.But ...You need to be aware of an important and sometimesexpensive difference.

While using Travelex for currency exchangebefore leaving homecan averyfor its speed and convenienceAirport Travelex machinesHave apotentially expensive trapto avoid: an option to charge your transaction in your local currency, e.g. B. Dollars what will it cost you oneDemandmore if you choose.

Why? Getting paid in your own currency when you are in another country is calleddynamic currency conversion or DCC.Basically, DCC allows the ATM owner to addthe desired rate up to 15%plus the base international conversion fee (typically 1%) and any other foreign transaction fees your bank may charge. So maybe you are lookingabout another 20% in conversion rates and additional fees.Perhaps even more so if your bank charges exceptionally high fees.

If you didn't receive any Euros before you left and want to collect them at the airport, use the Travelex machines, butJust say no"when asked if you would like to be charged in your own currency. Always choose thenational currency, euros,to avoid additional DCC charges. Consider limiting your transaction100€-200€,as you'll get a better deal at bank ATMs and credit unions when in Paris.

And thereATMs at the airport?Unfortunately, theonly tableWho has an office andcash machinein Charles de Gaulle at that timeHSBC,which is located in Terminal 2 in the business district between Terminals 2D and 2F. It is available from Monday to Friday, from 8:45 am to 5 pm. from 17:00 to 17:00. If you can find it, you'll get a better exchange rate, and you won't have to deal with the question "do you want to be charged in your own currency?", but it might not be worth looking for if you're in another terminal.

you can also see exchange office(exchange office) at the airport.Avoid them.They offer low exchange rates and charge exorbitant fees.

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Travel Tip: Keep Your Money Safe in Paris

Statistically, Parisvery low crime rate, especially compared to other cities - butAbout Carterit is the most common crime and tourists are the most common targets.

You can greatly decrease your chances of becoming a statistic by making an effort.common sense tacticslike keeping your wallet in your front pocket (and preferably zipped), always having your wallet with you, and not leaving your phone on the table when sitting at a sidewalk cafe.

another easy wayprotect your moneyone can be usedportfolioÖ neck wallet

And don't be fooled by scams designed to distract you, like B. Requests (often from young women) to sign a petition.

Where to get euros in paris

Where is the best place to get euros in Paris?

The best ways to get euros for your trip to Paris - Paris Discovery Guide (3)

The best place:ATM at a bank or credit union, that is, onedistributorin French.

Look for them next to the banks or even in the lobby. You should see the bank name on the machine. Using the ATM in the lobby generally offers more protection against someone seeing you enter your code.

Here are eight French banks with multiple branches and ATMs in Paris:

  • BNP Paribas
  • CIC - Industrial and Commercial Credit
  • north credit
  • Paris city loan
  • mutual credit
  • HBSC France
  • LCL - Credito Lyonnais
  • society in general

Use your Multibanco (i.e. debit) card to withdraw cash (in euros) just as you would at home. Most French ATMs provide instructions in multiple languages, including English, and are easy to use.

You don't have to worry about which bank offers the best exchange rate. By agreement, French banks do not charge fees or withdrawal fees for ATM withdrawals, regardless of which ATM card you use. As a result, they offer the same price all the time, although the price itself is dynamic and may change slightly throughout the day.

However, your local bank may charge fees for out-of-network withdrawals and currency conversions. Some banks don't do this. Check and understand your bank's fee structure before you go. If you travel abroad a lot, you should choose a bank that does not charge additional fees for international transactions.

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Important tips for using your debit card in Paris

  • notify your bankbefore leaving home, about the dates and destination of your trip.
  • Check your bank's commission policyfor international transactions and "off-grid" ATMs.
  • Make sure you know what your card is.numeric PIN code; ATMs in France only accept numbers, not letters.
  • Before leaving homeMake copies on both sidesYour ATM cards so you have your bank account number and customer service phone number.
  • Make sure you have enough money with you.checking accountto meet your cash needs in Paris; Most French ATMs do not allow you to withdraw money from your savings account or transfer funds from savings accounts to cheques.
  • If you have more than one checking account, bring one with you.Second ATM card as backupin case you lose your main card or it stops working.
  • By entering your PIN at an ATM in Paris,Protect your movementsand exercise normal caution; If someone gets too close to you, tries to talk to you while using the device, or does anything else that makes you uncomfortable, move away.
  • Use an ATM in the bank lobby rather than one on the sidewalk.
  • If possible,withdraw ATMsduring the bankopening hours; If something goes wrong and the machine doesn't return your card, you can go straight to the bank for help.
  • Know your bankdaily ATM withdrawal limitin dollars and euros. If your bank limit is $300 and the current exchange rate is 1 USD = 0.89 Euro, you can only withdraw €266. If you try to withdraw €300, it will turn into $345 and your bank will refuse your withdrawal . Not getting any messages about why your withdrawal was declined can be worrying. Pariser Bank may also have an ATM withdrawal limit. In this example, if the bank in Paris has an ATM limit of €200, your transaction will be rejected.
  • If your hotel room has asafe,hide your extra money there.

Where is the worst place to get euros in Paris? What should you avoid?

the worst placeit's any ATM that looks incomplete. To be fair, most ATMs in Paris are legit, and especially if you only use those that are clearly affiliated with banks, you shouldn't have any problems. However, renovations and refurbishments are commonplace in Paris, and from time to time you'll see an ATM that appears to still be operational, although the surrounding building is obviously being dismantled or rebuilt. Does the ATM still work? I don't know Don't risk your card disappearing and never seeing you again.

Otherwise, unless you are in Charles de Gaulle and have no other options,avoidGet euros from non-bank ATMs like Travelex, Euronet and others, no matter how shiny and new they look. think of the potentialDCC Fraud (Dynamic Currency Conversion)and bad exchange rates? Why pay more than necessary when ATMs are available all over the city?

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Also, avoid withdrawing eurosexchange officefor the same reason: low rates/high rates.

Should I take dollars and exchange them for euros in Paris?

Leavesno need to bring dollars to pariswith the aim ofchange for eurosIf you have an ATM card thenDon't do that. exchange officeThey offer low exchange rates and charge exorbitant fees. Many banks in Paris only exchange currency (i.e. money) for their own customers. So if you ask for change it will be refused.

Decades ago, hotels exchanged dollars for euros at rates slightly better thanexchange office, but most will no longer do currency exchanges. Either way, you'll almost always get a better deal by using your ATM card to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Do I need to bring a prepaid card to use in Paris?

maybe - dependswhat is availablein your country of origin andHow much

credit cardsallows you to load your card with cash before you travel and then use it like a credit or debit card.

prepaid cards inUSare commonlyit's not a good dealbecause you have to "buy" the card or pay relatively high fees. Typically, you'll save money by using your ATM, credit or debit card, especially if you pay off your credit card balance every month to avoid interest.

In some other countries, like Canada, you can get prepaid cards with no additional fees, so they're a good alternative, but bring an ATM card and/or a credit/debit card as a backup in case you need more cash. . What's on your card?

Can I withdraw money from my credit card?

but you cando not do this except in an emergencybecause it is avery expensive roadEarn money. Your credit card company treats the transaction as a "cash advance" and charges a hefty fee plus a hefty interest rate, possibly 20% or more depending on your card.

If you think you'll ever have to do this, make sure you know yourHARD(in numbers).

Euro - basic data

The best ways to get euros for your trip to Paris - Paris Discovery Guide (5)

Euroadvancenotes and coinsbased on name. Banknotes are available in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euros. The coins have denominations of 1 and 2 euros.

The euro is divided into100penny,which come in coins with denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents.

You can currently use euros in19 eurozone countriesin the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. In the days before the euro, each of these countries used a different currency, which meant you had to change money every time you crossed borders. You no longer have to do this!

How do I know if I'm getting the correct dollar to euro exchange rate?

As long as you use yourATM cardson acash machineTo get Euros, get the best available personal conversion rate (sometimes called "retail rate") at that time.

Do you want to knowcurrent institutional exchange rate?To useCurrency Converter XE CorporationsTo get a rough idea though, remember that the institutional rate is always better than the rate you get as a consumer.

What happens if I have euros left at the end of my trip?

If you are planning another trip to France or any other eurozone country in the future, please planto hold€100-200 in bills for your return trip. Save that amount and spend the rest on your last days in Paris.

If you still have more euros than you want to keep, or you're not sure about returning to Europe for years to come, the most convenient place to convert euros to dollars (and get a decent conversion rate) is probably your company bank. They change bills but not coins, so spend your coins before leaving Paris.

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Of course, another time-honored way to get rid of unwanted/unnecessary dollars is through the airport's duty-free boutiques after border control. From Hermès bags to Parisian souvenirs and giant Toblerone chocolate bars and Ladurée macarons, you'll find plenty of enticing ways to part with your excess dollars.

The best ways to get euros for your trip to Paris - Paris Discovery Guide (6)

This reduces your need for euros

He canReduce your need for euros and associated currency conversion feesduring your trip by paying in advance as much as possible. For example, book and pay for tickets online for museum passes, skip-the-line entry, guided tours, cruises, food and wine tastings, entertainment and even trips to Disney, WWII Normandy beaches and champagne toursown currencythrough a booking service likeGet your guide:

If your plans allow it, you can cancel/reschedule most events up to 24 hours in advance.

Bonus tip: when it's adistributorNO ATM?

"distributor"means a machine (or person) that pays something, so don't be surprised if you see one"distributor"where you can get something that is not effective:

The best ways to get euros for your trip to Paris - Paris Discovery Guide (7)

Why is it useful to know?

While most people know what you mean when you ask directions to the nearest retailer, it's always good to mention euros to avoid confusion.

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