The 5 best foods in France (2023)

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France has always been and always will be a symbol of its amazing food. It doesn't matter where you go whenmove to franceYou will find unforgettable flavors. If you're overwhelmed with choices, here are some national dishes to try:

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A dish that has gained popularity, particularly in the south of France, is cassoulet. This dish is French comfort food at its finest. This peasant dish consists of white beans that are slowly cooked with meat. The type of meat used varies depending on where you travel in France. While most traditional recipes use a combination of salted duck and pork, the dish originally came about with the idea of ​​adding any leftover meat that needed cooking to the pot. Therefore, in some restaurants you will find chicken, bacon or sausage all mixed together. Vegetables are added in a similar fashion, and most cooks have their own unique combinations, but onion and garlic almost always find their place in the recipe. What's left at the end is a smorgasbord of delicious meats, beans, and veggies, all slowly sautéed until tender and tender, and finally topped with crunchy breadcrumbs. The best place to try this dish is in Toulouse or Castelnaudary where it is very popular and the perfect way to end a misty day in the French countryside.

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If you're in Burgundy mid-morning, stop for lunch and try this French take on poached eggs. You'll find bacon, onions, chives, and sometimes mushrooms on toasted garlic bread, accompanied by poached eggs and topped with a rich burgundy red wine sauce. This dish is often a favorite at French restaurants because it's so easy to make, but that doesn't mean it's any less delicious than a dish that can take hours to prepare. You will never eat poached eggs any other way after trying this dish.

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The first thing to do when in Paris is to buy one of these at an authentic patisserie or bakery. Although this cake resembles an eclair, don't be fooled. These little balls of choux pastry are topped with a chocolate and whipped cream frosting and filled with a rich chocolate frosting. There's nothing more Parisian than having a religious lady in one hand and a black coffee in the other. If your sweet tooth isn't satisfied with just one of these, next up is a religieuse au café, filled with a café crème that's the perfect balance of bitter and sweet.

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Bread and cheese are staples of the French diet, and once you've tried authentic French bread and cheese, you'll wonder why they don't eat them all the time. Unlike the baguettes you might find at home, a real French baguette is crunchy and firm with a soft, fluffy interior. You'll hardly find the strength to carry it home in one piece after smelling it and feeling its golden crust, and le quignon (the last piece) is always the best part. It's the perfect vehicle for a smooth Camembert or a crumbly Chèvre Premier De Moulis. In both northern and southern France you will find excellent cheeses and fresh, crusty bread.

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This traditional Provençal stew originally hails from the port of Marseille, but you can now find it almost anywhere on the south coast of France, and like cassoulet, each cook adapts the recipe. The oldest recipe consists of robin, red rascasse and European conger, but today chefs use all types of fish, local and exotic. The only thing absolutely necessary for the dish is thefreshnessFish In coastal towns and cities, the recipe includes fish caught in front of the restaurant. The uniqueness of this dish also comes from the Provençal herbs and spices. Every bowl of bouillabaisse found across the country is a taste of a different culture.

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