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Final Fantasy XIV won the hearts of millions of players. So many people really call Eorzea home and almost live a double life in the game.

This is partly because the decisions are all yours.

Do you want to be a warrior of light and save the world? Continue.

Do you want to spend hours doing nothing but fishing? yes you can too

Or do you want to collect awesome mounts that you can ride and show off to all your friends? This also applies to Final Fantasy XIVhundreds ofcollect.

There are a lot of great mounts in the game, but today we're going to take a look at some of the best of them all. Well I think the best I should say is.

Come on Cooper!

14.Blue eel

The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (1)

I won't include many moogle station mounts, just one or two, but this one deserves a special mention.

this guy isgigantic

He used to be the biggest carrier in the game, and I believe he still is.

You can wow your friends with this huge whale cruising Eorze on this real giant. Not that this guy is a real giant, because you know, there are real giants in Eorzea.

Still, this kit is impressive!

Or, if you really want to be annoying, you can park a brand new whale in the marketplace or mailbox, preventing players from clicking on it. Some have even used it to protect homes by blocking posters.

How you get:This Blue Whale is available at the Mog Station Cash Shop for the super cheap (ha) price of $29.99. It's worth it for the size alone.


The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (2)

Marid is an elephant. That's it. only an elephant

But let's face it, riding elephants is a staple of the fantasy genre.

Remember when Sam first saw the elephant in LOTR? Not to mention how cool you look on that bad boy?

If you're still not convinced, wait until you hear the next tidbit. Marid can fly!

Well, basically all horses in FFXIV can fly, but not all horses are elephants. Become a true boss by mounting your flying elephant and soaring through the skies of Eorzea.

And he is very cute.

How you get:Getting Marid takes a bit of work. You must be level 7 in Ananta Beast Tribe and then get 18 Ananta Dream Staff (See our guide for more information). earthly illusion

The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (3)

Midgardsormr is not just a carrier in Final Fantasy XIV, he actually plays an important role in the story.

In fact, you also see him as a little dragon that jumps in and out when needed. Later, during Heavensward, he took a more...younger form?

Definitely not his adult form, which is definitely huge.

Midgardsormr is also one of the cooler looking dragons in the game. When Heavensward was first released it was the city of Midgardsormr and everyone was running around on their cool new dragons.

I wish I had a dragon...

How you get:Midgardsormr is one of the easier mounts to get on this list because you get it through the main story quest. You get it at the end of the Heavensward story quest. quite!


The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (4)

Nightmare is a black unicorn, which is pretty cool.

But it's not just any black unicorn. This black unicorn has a nostalgic factor.

Nightmare is the enemy of Final FantasyAll the way back to the original game.I messed up the game and seeing him appear after I got him in XIV was a pretty amazing experience.

Nightmares are more frequent now. But if you're a Final Fantasy XIV veteran, you know how painful hunting is.

Nightmare's drop rate is absolutely incredible and you really have to fight hard fights to get it.

How you get:Nightmare can be obtained as a drop from Garuda, Ifrit, or Titan Savage. They are the howling eyes (extreme), the embers (extreme) and the navel (extreme) bear

The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (5)

Do you know why I love mounts for Final Fantasy 14? You can do almost anything.

You never know what the next available carrier will be.

We rode elephants, dragons and now Starlight Bear, a bear.

This bear is special because he wears a Santa suit. Of course without a beard.

Can you imagine a bear with a beard? That's funny. What I like most about this bear is the very small cap on its head. He's definitely cute, but I still wouldn't mess with him.

How you get:You can use one of two methods to obtain this mount. You can return in 2017 for the Celebration of the Stars event or pick it up at the Mogg station for $12.

9.Demi Ozma

The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (6)

Many of the best mounts in Final Fantasy XIV have a nostalgia factor.

And this one is no exception.

Ozma is actually the secret bossOriginally appeared in Final Fantasy IX.he ishellHe didn't have it so easy against him in Final Fantasy 14 either.

Ozma appears in the 24-player game Raid: Weeping City of Maha. Ozma wasn't kidding, but to be fair, neither were the other bosses in this raid.

The raid was so difficult at first that the players nicknamed it "Crying City".

I know I cried many times waiting in line...

How you get:In order to get Demi-Ozma, you must complete the We're On Your Side I achievement, which allows you to take on the Baldesion Arsenal in Eureka.


The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (7)

I can imagine the selling points for this mount.

"Do you want to feel like royalty!? Well, now you have access to a brand new Praetorian Throne!” I laugh every time.

But when you consider that not only can you get your own throne, but you can also ride on it, it's not that far!

To be honest, the throne is more like a chair to me. But I'll allow it.

It's still cool to have because I mean how many people can say they own their throne?

How you get:You can buy the Archon's Throne in Manderville's Gold Plate for 750,000 MGP.

7.battle leopard

The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (8)

There are several mounts in Final Fantasy XIV that can be obtained the same way, and they're all pretty cool.

However, I narrowed it down to one of these "battle" mounts and chose the one that was (in my opinion) the coolest.

The war panther defeated another water war horse, the Warrior of Light.

Battle Panther is a panther ready to fight!

This may seem obvious, but you will pay a lot of blood and fight countless adventurers to get this horse. Then he will faithfully stand by you and shed blood with you.

And the Battle Panther looks almost futuristic like it's covered in armor. He also wears red, which makes him even more striking.

How you get:To get the Battle Panther, you must complete 300 Dungeons, Ultimate Trials, 50/60 Roulette or Upgrade Roulette quests and complete them all as the Dark Knight.

6.Cloud marshmallow

The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (9)

I think the Cloud Mallow is the most comfortable ride on this list.

It's a big, white, fluffy ball.

These giant orbs actually grow naturally in the swirling fog, but the orb you're riding in is special.

They are basically deliberately bred to be stronger for riding adventurers.

To be honest, players want to drive them as soon as they see them. They also made it known and the developers rewarded us all.

Now it's not just muggles who can ride these giant furry cuddly balls.

How you get:Moogles can be purchased for 200,000 Gil once they reach rank 7!

5.Demon lands

The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (10)

The demon Lanna is a terrifying looking bird with red and black feathers.

According to Final Fantasy XIV lore, you don't want to see this bird.

It is believed that the god Zulvan sent the bird to warn enemies of their impending death. oops

If you ask me, that's even worse than seeing a crow because a crow has no rush support.

How you get:To get Demonic Lanner, you can get lucky if you defeat Zurvan in Containment Bay Z1T1 (Extreme). Otherwise, you'll need to defeat him 99 times to get enough totems to exchange for the Demon Lanna Whistle


The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (11)

Basically, Dhalmel looks like Eorze's version of a camel.

His appearance is not impressive, but the story of why he can fly is.

According to legend, Dalmere fell while eating a tree, and his will to survive awakened his latent ability to fly.

At least the diary entry says we will. I laugh every time I read this article.

How you get:Dhalmel is one of many possible rewards for Fortune Cooper


The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (12)

Pteranodon is a pterosaur from EorzearealSo cool.

This thing is creepy and sure to trick your friends into doing your bidding. Riding extinct creatures is also on my wish list, so I may be biased.

The creature was actually domesticated from the wild by feeding it, which of course it was.

I thought if someone feeds me, I will drive them too.

How you get:You must complete the Castle in the Sky achievement to get the Wyvern. This means that each student hand gets 500,000 points.


The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (13)

We all know that dogs are man's best friend.

Although these guys aren't exactly dogs, that's what we FFXIV players call them.

Hounds became popular during Stormblood as they were the type of mount that dropped out of the Trials expansion.

The fight to win the Lunar Kamuya is also pretty bad. Well, more than emotionally devastating.

Luna Kamui is said to have been created when a wolf bathed in the aether of the goddess of rebirth.

How you get:You must drop Lunar Kamuy from Bard's Ballad: Tsukuyomi's Pain or get enough totems from the battle to purchase it.

1.working memory

The 14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How to Get Them) - FandomSpot (14)

If you are a king sitting on a throne, do you also become a king riding on God?

That's the question you need to ask yourself as you hop on your brand new Ramuh mount.

The absolutely insane moral consequences of enslaving God are obvious, but at least you'll look cool.

This is Ramuh's version of the horse's leg, but luckily the chin is intact.

Players theorized what was hidden under the chin, even wondering if the original Ramuh kept his horses there.

If an ordinary Ramuh hides a horse in his beard, what kind of mountain does Ramuh's beard hide?

How you get:It's a tough question because you have to guessVerse from Eden: Radiance(barbaric)

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