Midnight in Paris: A Guide to Dress Code and Evening Attire (2023)

Midnight in Paris: A Guide to Dress Code and Evening Attire (1)

In neatly pressed party dresses and high heels, my roommates and I had no reason to question the outfits we'd chosen for our first night out.Study abroad in Paris. However, as soon as we stepped off the tube onto the main street of nightlife, we realized we had no idea what the locals were wearing. But honestly, we haven't been too hard on ourselves, it's pretty confusing. Parisians have several unspoken dress codes, particularly when it comes to evening wear. Fortunately, no matter where you decide to explore after dark, you can learn from our biggest mistakes and achieve the perfect outfit.


Midnight in Paris: A Guide to Dress Code and Evening Attire (2)The dress code is casual in most restaurants and bars. So, if you decide to wear a party dress, it is normal that you accompany it with tights and a light sweater/jacket. It's not because Parisians are opposed to showing skin; It's not typical of that kind of attitude. People just give you weird looks (and wonder how cold you must be). However, it would be more common to wear a casual dress (with tights of course) or ripped jeans with a nice top. Boots and heels are often worn, but it's also not uncommon to see women in sneakers when they go out. As a general rule, clothes with holes or that are extremely large are frowned upon in many places. And baseball caps/hats are almost always off-limits (unless you're going to a sports bar... maybe).

luxury clubs/tours

If you're going somewhere to dance on the dance floor or enjoy fancy food and drinks, the dress code is likely to be stricter. Jeans (along with dark or black washes) are generally the safest thing to avoid. I would recommend a skirt, tights and a nice top, paired with boots or heels. If you don't know what is allowed, opt for a semi-formal outfit: dress or skirt (always with tights) or pants. In case of confusion with the dress code, which certainly can happen, feel free to call the venue ahead of time. They aren't exactly known for being the most forgiving tourists and it's better to be safe than sorry!

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olivia huntis a Spring 2020 CEA MOJO blogger based in Paris, France, currently studying at the University of San Diego.

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Midnight in Paris: A Guide to Dress Code and Evening Attire (3)

Midnight in Paris: A Guide to Dress Code and Evening Attire (4)

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