How to Throw a Killer Taco Bar Party (Easy Party Idea) (2023)

One of the easiest ways to organize a celebration is with aTaco-Bar-Party. This simple concept is loved by all thanks to the ability to customize your plate. And because they are taco people!

It is the best? It does not require a lot of extra work in the kitchen.

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Take the hassle out of planning your next social gathering with aquick and easy cue bar. I'll break it down with details on how to throw a festive party, including several taco bar ideas that are both cost-effective and easy to make.

You'll gosatisfy even the pickiest of eaterswith a delicious menu full of varied dishes that guarantee the satisfaction of all palates.

How to throw a festive taco party everyone will love.

Why a Taco Bar Party is a Great Way to Entertain

Who doesn't love tacos? Not only are they easy to make and fun to eat, but they are alsoprotect your wallet.

And everyone can put together their own delicious dish,create the perfect bitefor your next party.

If you're looking for an impressive menu for your next gathering, you'll love Taco Bar Party. Throwing a party is stressful enough, and since tacos are easy to make, you can make most fillings and garnishes ahead of time.

Tacos also make party meal planning easy. If guests have the opportunity to design their own dish, they will be completely satisfied.

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Taco Bar Party Ideas

Hosting a taco bar for a party allows guests to fill up without breaking the bank. And taco bars are a viable option for all kinds of gatherings.

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some minesFavorite Taco Party IdeasThey are:

  • graduation ceremonies
  • birthday parties
  • outdoor parties
  • team dinner
  • wedding rehearsal parties
  • Shared parties (you provide the taco bar, guests provide the sides)
  • bridal shower and baby shower
  • Father's Day
  • taco tuesday dinner

Keep the menu simple for larger groups of adults and children. If you are going to host only adults or a small group of people, take advantage and create a more adventurous menu.

For a standard dinner menu, plan on around 3 tacos per guest. If you're hosting a group of hungry teens, consider going up to 4-5 tacos per teen.

Taco Bar parties are a super affordable option for an afternoon party. You can schedule fewer foods between meals.

Can I make the taco fillings ahead of time?

Most taco proteins can be made days (even weeks) in advance. Cooked ground beef and pulled chicken, beef or pork freeze beautifully for longer storage.

Pack cooked meat in zip-top bags for freezer storage (be sure to label bags before freezing). On the eve of the party, remove the proteins and let them thaw in the fridge. It remains only to heat the fillings before the party.

I recommend preparing the product toppings on the day of the party to achieve maximum freshness and the best look. You can prepare the ingredients fresh in the morning and store them in the fridge until party time.

Create a delicious menu

The first step to planning an amazing party is putting together a delicious menu. Start with the main filling, then decide on the garnishes, and lastly the garnishes.

Only one or two main quilts almost perfectly complement a number of accessories and some sides.

It is important to consider any dietary restrictions your guests have (for example, offer a vegetarian filling option if you have vegetarian friends or a low carb option like minehomemade taco salad recipe), but there isno need to go overboard– especially for larger events.

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Choose the right fillings

Seasoned ground beef is the best inexpensive filling for a taco bar. However, there are more filling options that you can provide.

Some ideas for taco fillings include:

  • seasoned ground beef
  • shredded spicy chicken
  • spicy black beans
  • Crockpot Taco Meat Recipe- very easily!
  • seasoned ground beef
  • sweet and saltyroasted pork
  • carnitas salads

use mineHomemade Taco Seasoning Mixfor seasoning ground beef, chicken and ground beef fillings.

For larger gatherings, keep it to one or two filling options to minimize fuss. Easily prepare double and triple batches of 1 or 2 types of meat - a huge time saver.

If you're planning a smaller, more adventurous event, you can make smaller batches of various fillings or use a potluck-style theme for more variety.

Don't forget the arrangements

Offer many coverage optionsbuild your own delightat your taco party. These ingredients go well with tacos:

  • A variety of tortillas: corn, hard shell, and small flour tortillas
  • perejil red or green
  • chopped fresh onion
  • Shredded Cheese: Mexican Blend, Cotija, Monterey Jack or Cheddar
  • Preserved Jalapenos
  • chopped lettuce
  • Tomato
  • chopped fresh cilantro
  • lemon slices
  • guacamole
  • nata
  • corn with fresh lemon
  • Chopped pineapple for pork fillings (canned works great)
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What to serve with tacos

Serve up a variety of delicious taco sides. The sides should complement the bright flavors of the tacos.

Classic sides include Mexican rice, mashed beans,party salad, chips and salsa and guacamole.

For a more adventurous menu, opt for fried plantains, a light citrus salad, homemade cheese sauce, or even homemade churros.

How to assemble your cue bar

Keep tortillas warm by lining them withSlow cooking potwith a damp cloth and wrap the tortillas in aluminum foil. Keep slow cooker warm.

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Alternatively, you can also buy atortilla warmer(A towel warmer or potholder style will do).

Keep meat warm using a slow cooker orSterno Dose under a disposable aluminum container.

I like to serve the dressings in individual bowls for easy serving. A divided tray also works well.

For cooler items, wear a funinflatable coolerto keep ingredients at the right temperature. Alternatively you can use 2 disposable foil trays - fill 1 with ice and place the second tray on top. Place the ingredients in the upper tray and fill with more ice.

You need to think about how to place items on the service desk to get the best flow of traffic. This is especially important for larger parties. I like to set the table in this order: tortillas, fillings, salsa, and sour cream toppings at the end of the table.

set the mood

Now that you have the perfect menu, it's time to set the mood with quick and easy preparation. Start with color andfestive dishes to create a lively atmosphere.

Use fresh flowers, colored napkins, or something else.colorful decorations to create a festive tone. You don `t have to spend a lot of money; instead, select a few items to add to the reference table. Some uplifting music can also help lift your spirits.

Use leftovers for party favors

If you have more leftovers than you can use, don't waste them. Encourage guests to bring their own plastic putter containers. This is a great, useful, no-waste party favor. And sorting out leftovers also helps with cleanup.

Throw a big taco party for your next family celebration. Createquick and easy menuto feed your hungry guests.

This reasonably priced festive feast is a hit with adults and kids alike. With minimal prep work, you can focus on the other party's planning details.

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