How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (2023)


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How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make?

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (1)

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make?

How profitable is a small coffee shop?

Do what you love... and the money will follow.

Well, if you're considering starting a coffee shop, you probably want to determine how much money you can make from a coffee shop before proceeding.

After all, money is a great motivator for starting a business!

So, what financial expectations should you have when opening a coffee shop?

"How much do coffee shop owners make?"The answer depends on whatType of coffee businesshas, its sales volume, location, price range, cost and other factors. While income varies by cafe, an owner can earn anywhere from $50,000 to $175,000 per year. That's a big change, but as you'll soon see, your annual income depends on several key factors.

In 2022, the global coffee industry was valued at $433 billion, according to Statista. Annual growth of around 8% is expected for the coming years.

How much of that money can your coffee shop get? Let's explore this topic further.

Several important factors determine the income and earnings of the canteen.

These include:

  • They arecoffee business concept
  • physical location
  • Customer Sales and Gross Sales
  • Level of competition and substitutes
  • target market
  • menu price points
  • Initial Formation Costs
  • Operating costs (variable and fixed costs)

Estimated income of the canteen owner

Based on our research, coffee shops vary in their annual sales.

Revenue estimates for coffee companies include:

small express35.500 US-Dollar – 55.000 US-Dollar
coffee kiosk:75.000 $ - 95.000 $
mobile coffee trolley:$ 145.000 - 165.000
Drive-Thru-Kaffeestand:$ 155.000 - 185.000
Traditional coffee:220.000 US-Dollar – 260.000 US-Dollar
Complete cafeteria and bakery: $ 310.000 - $ 330.000
Coffee shop and bar:360.000 US-Dollar – 330.000 US-Dollar – 350.000 US-Dollar
Cafeteria, bar and kitchen: 400.000 $ - 430.000 $

However, these annual sales estimates are specific to your locations, hours of operation, and sales volume. Your income is your gross income minus expenses. As a coffee shop owner, your job is to increase profit margin, number of sales, and gross revenue while reducing costs.

Let's explore a little further down how much money a coffee shop can make.

Alright, let's get started then!

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (2)

Average income of the canteen owner

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make?

How Much Does a Cafe Owner Earn?

You don't want a generic answer.

So rather than simply saying that coffee shop owners make $75,000 or $350,000 a year, I'd rather provide the elements that might determine thatYour own personal income– so you can answer the question yourself.

As with everything else, the devil is in the details.

For the answer "How much money does a coffee shop owner make?" or "How profitable is a small coffee shop?" We need to determine the important variables that can clarify the answer for you.

In addition to your projected income, we believe there are many non-monetary benefits to owning a coffee shop. For example, while your income level may vary, through our years of experience in the Seattle area and beyond, we've seen people use their small coffee shops to completely transform their lifestyle.

We believe that when planning your coffee shop business...

Success will come.

But first comes the hard work.

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (3)

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make?

Your recipe and cafeteria recipe

Find out your income as a cafe owner

you canteentotal revenueis the total amount of money your canteen earns. It is generated from all the sales that take place throughout the day, week and month.

Your total income includes any monies you spend on coffee, tea, soft drinks, muffins, candy, groceries, merchandise, etc. However, it does not include the cost of doing business. We'll talk about that later.Your task is to generate as many sales as possible to increase your transactions, sales revenue and income as a cafe owner.

Let's see some example revenue scenarios below:We created three cafes that are open from 7am to 7pm and we calculated their daily and monthly income for your convenience. The sample income does not include the costs of opening a canteen.Combine your estimated numbers to determine how much money your coffee shop will make.

Small coffee sampler recipe

hours per daycustomers per houraverage receipttotal daily incomeMonthly gross income (22 days)



$ 5,00720 $15.840 $

Average cafeteria example recipe

hours per daycustomers per houraverage receipttotal daily incomeMonthly gross income (26 days)



$ 7,001.680 $43.680 $

Big busy cafe, small recipe.

hours per daycustomers per houraverage receipttotal daily incomeMonthly gross income (30 days)



$ 9,003.240 $97.200 $

Annual Income Estimates:

These revenue scenarios would result in total annual gross revenue:

  • 190.080 $
  • 524.160 $
  • $ 1.166.400

Just plug in the numbers for your estimates and what do you get?

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (4)

The cafeteria recipe is based on two main aspects:

• Number of sales
• Average total earnings

Both elements play an equally powerful role in your financial success as a coffee shop owner.Any change to either or both may cumulatively increase or decrease your bottom line and income. As you can see above there are other factors that can affect income but these are the main ones.

As a successful coffee shop owner, it will be your job to increase these two factors as much as possible every year. Now let's explore the impact of your daily sales and average number of ticket receipts.

Hidden Factor: Time plays an important role in making more money

As you can see from the tables above, time also plays a big role. The days you are open, between 22 and 30 days, can drastically impact the amount of money you make. Of course, you'll also incur some variable costs, like labor and inventory, and you'll probably still make a profit.

In addition, the amount of money you make is also determined by the number of years you have been in business. Chances are your coffee business will make more money this year than last year. In other words, due to factors such as efficiency,brand awareness, less waste, more loyal customers offering repeat business - you'll likely make more money in your fifth year than you did in your first year.

How does time play to make more money every year?

(Video) The Public Guess Coffee Shop Revenue

  • Open most days
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • less effort
  • most loyal customers

let's keep exploring

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make?

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (5)

You must take into account…

Sales of your canteen

The sales figures reflect how many customers walk through your door or perhaps drive up to youDrive-Through-Kaffeestandwindow and buy something.

Every purchase equals a sale.

The more buying customers you have, the more sales will increase, which equates to higher sales for your cafe.

Say you have an average of 200 customers per day. A 20% increase of that brings up to 240 customers per day.

Depending on the sales receipts, this can drastically increase your monthly income.Even a modest 10% increase on this existing volume would generate 600 new customer receipts per month!

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (6)

Ultimately, your coffee shop's profit margin largely depends on these numbers. If your coffee shop is constantly busy throughout the day or has high caffeine spells that increase the number of customers, your overall sales will be higher.

Many different things can affect the number of sales.For example, your choice of location can affect your sales. The better"Place for your coffee shopor a self-service coffee stand, you likely have more customers.

Factors such as parking, accessibility, traffic flow, pedestrian walkways, public lighting, etc. are key aspects to consider.Additionally,Café-Marketing, promotions and public relations also play an important role and can drastically affect your sales figures.

Next you should consider…

Total average earnings from your canteen

The average size of your receipt is another important variable for your profitability. A single receipt may cost $3.00; another might cost $15.50 and so on.

Suppose the average coffee customer's order is a large americano and a blueberry muffin. The total price of the receipt is $4.95. (Remember this number for later in the discussion.)

Of course, not everyone orders an Americano and/or a muffin.

Some orders contain multiple drinks and/or multiple muffins or snacks. Some receipts can add up to as little as $2.50, while other receipts can be as high as $100.

Then take all your orders and divide by your total sales and you get the average receipt price.

If you have a variety of mid- to high-margin menu offerings (that your customers want), the average cost of your takeout prices will likely increase as well.

So if you list your famous chocolate cake for $6.95 each and a coffee for $2.75, the price of your receipt is $9.70. you have the idea

If you havebuilt-in markupIn every item you offer, you bring more money into every order.

The sum of these two key figures (total number of customers and average total turnover) determines the turnover of your canteen.

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (7)

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make?

Your sales volume and average receipt price

They arenumber of salesmioverall average receiptare important for calculating your total income (before deducting expenses).

It's amazing to see how a small increase in both can really change your sales and your cafe's profits.When creating your sales forecasts, we recommend using actual numbers for your specific cafeteria business to be as accurate as possible.

To find your income, simply multiply the number of sales by your average income.

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (8)

Here is his sales formula:

Sales volume x total earnings = your total sales.

While it's clearly difficult to determine how much you'll make on a daily or monthly basis, you can use the basic equation above to estimate your income.

Of course you need to generate realistic numbers to connect it.

You can estimate numbers for the day, week, and month. I prefer to look at the numbers on a weekly basis as daily estimates can fluctuate for a variety of reasons.

However, I always recommend being conservative with your estimates.

Any exaggerated financial estimates only serve to distract you from your ability to truly plan yoursCanteen budget.Exaggerating your potential income will only hurt your planning.

So let's work with these numbers to determine how much money your coffee shop will make.

For fun (and we have fun!), let's say you have an average of 100 customers per day. Also, let's use the average receipt price of $4.95 (as mentioned above) for the following equations...

Gross receipts of a canteen (sample 1)

100 customersX$4.95 average reception price= $495 per day

$495 x 7 days = $3,465 per week

$3,465 x 4 weeks = $13,860 per month

$13,860 x 12 months = $166,320 per year

As you can see by a simple multiplication, the income from your coffee shop adds up quickly and provides significant returns for your business.

A modest number of customers (about 10 an hour) buying coffee and bagels for as little as $4.95 can quickly add up to significant revenue year-round.

Of course, to increase the income of your cafe, you have a few options:

  • Increase customer volume.
  • Average receipt price increase (increase in product offering, premium beverages and cost per item)
  • do both

By utilizing any of the above factors, you will likely see significant increases in sales at your coffee shop.

Do you want to increase the income of your canteen?

Learn how to increase your coffee shop's income

Let's say you want to up your game and increase your cafe's revenue. To this end, he decides to start a low-cost community effort for local churches, schools and businesses. Within weeks, their efforts begin to pay off...

Now you're turning your average of 100 customers per day into an average of 120 customers per day (that's only an extra two customers per hour, by the way!).

Then work hard to increase your average sales by adding new products and internal promotions, and slightly increasing your prices by a modest percentage.

Let's say your average receipt is a modest $1.50 higher than before, or equal to $6.45 per receipt. (These numbers are available at many coffee shops, cafes, bakeries, etcself-service coffee company!)

  • 20% increase in sales volume
  • Increase the average reception price by $1.50

Okay, let's plug these numbers into the same equation (income formula) to get a new cafeteria prescription number.

Example gross receipts for a canteen (Example 2)

120 customersX$6.45 average receipt price= $774 per day

(Video) How He Started a Coffee Business (With $1,800)

$774/day x 7 days = $5,418 per week

$5,418 x 4 weeks = $21,672 per month

$21,672 x 12 months = $260,064 per year


Have you seen how two small adjustments to these two elements can drastically affect the income of your coffee shop business?

$166,320 or $260,064

All it takes is a small increase in both variables to dramatically increase your income.

Don't you think this is possible?

Remember, the difference is just two more clients per hour, plus an average price increase of just $1.50.That's almost $100,000 more per year in revenue!

While making $166,320 or $260,064 per year is attractive, this is NOT what you personally earn and deposit into your personal bank account.

As they say, “It takes money to make money”. Delivery of your product requires money. And if you have a coffee shop, you have to take care of the costs. Before you book your vacation flight to the Bahamas, let's talk about it.

Let's go from gross income to net income

Accounting records the costs associated with your salescost of goods sold(or COGS). They can also be referred to as operating costs or overheads.

Just a quick note:

In ourCafe business plan template(offered for free on ourComplete cafeteria startup kit), we analyze in detailCosts associated with opening a cafeBusiness.

Our kit also includes some amazing real life interviews that you will want to hear before planning your coffee business.

Next, let's dig deeper into the cost of doing business.

Continue reading:Requirements for opening a cafeteria

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (9)

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make?

Subtract your cafeteria expenses

Your cafe needs money to run.

The money to run your canteen –called operating costs– must be deducted from your gross income (which we mentioned earlier). Operating costs are sometimes referred to as overheads or manufacturing costs.

The operating costs consist ofHe hasmivariable costs.

Typically, these cafeteria costs include:

  • Your rent (monthly rent)
  • labour costs
  • Invent
  • coffee team(including installation costs)
  • Paper accessories (cups, lids, straws and napkins)
  • milk and spices
  • secure
  • public utilities
  • All monthly interest on loans

Ifopen a canteen, there may be many other costs, such as B. Interest payments, wage costs, administrative costs and of course taxes.

You need to know these total costs so that you can determine your costsprofit margin- or how much money you make after paying your full cost.

Let's continue with an example scenario below.

How Much Does a Cafe Owner Earn?

Example of a representation of cafeteria costs

Let's take a moment to run through some examples.start-up coststhat you as a cafe owner are likely to encounter.

Examples of cafeteria start-up costs:

  • Rent (lease): $1900
  • Insurance: $200
  • Any interest on loan: $320
  • Labor Cost: $2,500 (**You can also include your personal salary!)
  • Coffee inventory: $1400
  • Paper Supplies: $400
  • Milk and Ingredients: $700
  • Utilities: $400

Monthly cost: $7820

As mentioned above, you can further break this sample list into two categories:fixed costsmivariable costs. Knowing the difference is important as it affects your profit margins relative to your revenue generation.

Learn more about the cost of opening a cafe with our article.How much does it cost to open a coffee shop?.

Consider the following cafeteria recipe:

In the examples above, we estimate a potential monthly income of $13,000 per month, or $22,000.

Regardless of your income, your fixed expenses will not change.

If you for exampleSell ​​1000 coffeesor 300 coffees per week, the fixed costs for rent and insurance remain the same. (Unless, of course, you split a percentage of sales with the landlord as part of the lease.)

As your variable costs increase as you serve more coffee and staff, or labor costs increase, you'll find that the more you earn, the higher the percentage of actual income you keep.

Because the fixed costs of your coffee business do not increase when you make more money, only the variable costs do.

For example, your insurance, interest, and rent costs stay the same no matter how much money you bring in, while your labor and inventory costs increase as you make more sales.

Fixed and variable costs of the canteen

fixed costs– stays the same no matter how much money you make.

Variable costs- Increase the more sales you make.

Your fixed and variable monthly costs make up your totaloperating cost. You subtract your operating expenses from your income to find your profit. For a deeper look into starting your coffee shop read our post,Understand the cost of opening a coffee shop.

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (10)

How Much Does a Cafe Owner Earn?

Determine the profit of your cafe

To further investigate your coffee shop profits and how they affect your personal income as a coffee shop owner, we need to do thatSubtract your operating costs from your income.

remember that youoperating costare equivalent to yourscost of goods sold(CPV) is the formula:

Total Revenue - Operating Costs = Your Profit Margin

Our two income figures above have been rounded up to $13,000 and $22,000, respectively.After adding up all costs (fixed and variable), we get our profit margin.

In the second example we estimate aadditional variable costs$1500. This cost would include milk, coffee, extra cups and lids, other wholesale costs and labor costs.

Example 1:

13.000 $ - 7.820 $ CPV = 5.180 $

Example 2:

$22,000 - $7,820 CPV - ($1,500 in additional CPV from increased business) = $12,480

(Video) How To Calculate Food Cost Percentage (& SAVE $$) | Cafe Restaurant Management Tips 2022

You can refer to my calculations but this will give you an estimate of what you will earn as a coffee shop owner.
The difference can be marked. Even with the $1,500 increase in costs (due to higher spending on coffee, produce, and labor), her income is still increasing with these small changes.

Continue reading:How to successfully open a cafe

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (11)

Your canteen profits and personal income

As you can see in the examples above, just a few changes in your sales volume and receipt prices can make a big difference in your cafe's bottom line:and finally, what will you do as a coffee shop owner?

The last numbers indicate what's left when you pay your obligations (your rent, insurance, labor, taxes, inventory, etc.).

Reinvest a percentage of your earnings

Covering your expenses and generating profit is the ultimate goal to maintain a healthy and profitable coffee business.
However, to keep growing your coffee business, you need to spend money. You may need to take a percentage of your profits and reinvest them into the business.

The money could be used for more coffee equipment, barista training, furniture, accessories, or expanding to a second or third location.

Additionally, you may want to keep a financial reserve in your business bank accounts to avoid overdraft fees or unexpected expenses.

Let's say you take a regular percentage of your profit margin and reinvest or save. We recommend saving or reinvesting 10% of your profit margin.

What is left of the net income after that is personal income. That means this rest is the money you can keep.

Consider the following formula.

Your personal income formula:

(Consists of three simple calculations)

Total Revenue - Operating Costs = Profit Margin

Profit margin X 0.10 = your reinvestment money

Profit margin: rollover money allocated = your personal income

Well, you take all your (gross) income and subtract your operating expenses. This gives you your net income or profit margin. Good business practices keep some profits and invest them in your business for growth and emergencies. Once the allocated rollover funds are withdrawn, you will receive the income that is yours.

How to determine the income of your canteen

How to claim your personal income

You should speak with an accountant or accountant regularly to decide how to withdraw your money from your business bank account. How you pay for yourself can affect your personal and business taxes.

For example, do you want to give yourself a salary and live on it? Or would you like to transfer this remaining balance (which may vary from month to month) to your personal bank account?

Consider the amount of money you need to live and be a successful businessman. It is important to understand how much you need for yourself and your family.

So back to the original question...

How much do cafe owners make?

Money is an important factor in deciding your path. Is it important to be able to estimate your income as a future coffee shop owner?

If you've read this entire article, you're probably in a better position to answer this question yourself, especially as we talk about itAreSpecific cafeteria business.

In this scenario, a small but stable coffee shop can generate $5,000 to $20,000 in sales per month (sometimes more, sometimes less).

Ultimately, your personal income is also determined by the number of sales you make each month minus your expenses and the reinvestment rate you wish to reinvest in your coffee business.

You should also consider your personal income tax and other items such as health premiums, dental insurance, etc.

Other coffee shop business topics you may be interested in:

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How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (12)

Calculation of the income of your canteen

estimated annual income

So let's find out more...

The numbers above can help you better determine your coffee shop's profit: On average, a small to medium-sized coffee shop can generate between $55,000 and $168,000 in personal income per year. In both examples, we multiply by 0.10 to find your reinvestment in your business. However, you don't have to do this.

Example 1:

Receta - CPV = 5.180 $ x 0,10 = 518 $

US$ 5.180 – 518 = US$ 4.662

$4,662 x 12 = $55,944 (your income)

Example 2:

Receta - CPV = 12.480 $ x 0,10 = 1.248 $

12.480 US-Dollar – 1.248 US-Dollar = 11.232 US-Dollar

$11,232 x 12 = 134,784 (your income)

You don't necessarily have to calculate your income that way. You can choose to do this daily, weekly, etc. However, you should stick to the same formula. The numbers in this scenario can be lower or higher when the details of your business are taken into account.

Wait, how much does a coffee shop owner make?

Ultimately, the answer is: It depends. It depends on your total income, your operating expenses, and the ability to reinvest some money in your business. It can also depend on how many years you've been in business.

We wouldn't be wrong if we estimated that a coffee shop owner makes between $55,000 and $240,000 per year per small to medium sized coffee shop in an American city.

The good news is that you now know the basic variables that will determine the answer that works for you and your coffee shop business plan.

Of course, whether you run a small, moderately busy coffee shop or a large multi-location coffee shop, your personal income will vary.

Remember...every coffeeshop is different: Variables like location, cost, market share, pricing, product markups, branding, and management all play a role in determining your bottom line. You tooThe more coffee shop locations you have, the more expenses and more income you can earn.

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (13)

More questions about income:

How can I increase the profit of my canteen?

Earlier in this post, we described a sample path to your personal income.However, the truth is that there are several ways to improve your cafe's profits:

  • Improve your sales volume
  • improve ticket prices
  • do both

However, there is another important element to improve your personal income. That reduces your waste!

Waste - such as spilled drinks, spoiled milk, unsold groceries or overtime baristas - may seem insignificant. Added up after every shift, every day, every week, however, it can result in a huge loss of revenue.

Here are some additional ideas to improve your income and bottom line:

Analyze your sales and costs on a daily basis

It's important to regularly review what items you're selling and the cost of selling them. If prices go up, you may need to switch providers to keep your costs down.

In addition to your costs, it is also important to analyze why you are having good sales. Are customers responding to a specific ad or promotion? Do you have monthly promotions that customers love?

(Video) [EP2] Coffee Shop Revenue Explained

have a good onePOS system for cafes.It will help you discover a lot of important data that will put you in a better position to manage your sales and expenses.

Your POS system can help you determine:

  • Sales volume
  • average receipt price
  • Time of day you generate income
  • Popular and less popular items sold
  • Trends by week and month

More information about yourPOS system for cafes., read our publication,Which coffee shop POS system is the best??

Reinvent your cafeteria menu

Adding items to your menu that your customers want can increase sales significantly. Listen to your customers. Seek their ideas and recommendations, and slowly develop your menu to reflect your customers' readiness to buy. Even the smallest changes can open up new sales opportunities. For example, adding new syrup flavors, a new milk alternative, or adding vegan or gluten-free products can be a game changer.

Improvements in coffee equipment.

To increase your sales, you may need additional coffee machines. For example, you may need to convert your single group espresso machine to a dual group espresso machine. Also, you may need a larger refrigerator, a new ice maker, commercial blender, etc. You may need a toaster oven or a larger display case. All of these things can cost you money and help you generate additional income in the long run.

Barista training

Training your baristas is a worthwhile investment.Barista trainingReduce waste, improve service and beverages, and overall customer experience.friendly baristasthat serve great coffee almost always generate repeat customers and increase sales volume.

Upselling Techniques

Upselling is important for every business. Respectfully recommending additional items to your customer's purchase can complement their overall experience and improve the average item price.

renegotiate rent

Once you have signed the cafe property lease, you may have little opportunity to change it before the lease expires. However, depending on a number of variables, you can renegotiate your rent and reduce your rent payments or other mandatory expenses.

plan vacation

Taking the time to plan events around certain holidays can increase quarterly sales and affect your estimated annual income.If you have a Valentine's sale, summer sale, Christmas event, etc., you can use various promotions to increase sales. For an in-depth discussion on how to increase your coffee shop sales, read our post,How to increase sales in your coffee shop.

Additional Questions: How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make?

If you have any further questions, just send us an email. Your thoughts will help improve our answer and hopefully give a better insight. We're always happy to help.

How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (14)

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How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (25)


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How Much Money Does a Cafe Owner Make? estimated income (26)


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