Final Fantasy XIV – Cinder Drift: Ruby Weapon Extreme Faza 1 Vodič | Attack of the Zealots (2023)

The Garlean War Machine is ready for round two - how about you?

Final Fantasy XIV – Cinder Drift: Ruby Weapon Extreme Faza 1 Vodič | Attack of the Zealots (1)

RubinwaffeSubmissions from Final Fantasy VII have been submittedFinal Fantasy 14As with previous test builds, patch 5.2 includes an extreme variant. A coordinated Garlean weapon removal team is required, and this guide will help you figure out how to complete the Cinder Drift Extreme Trial. This fight has two phases, like a normal encounter in Cinder Drift, but for the sake of brevity I'll split them into two articles. However, this article is about the first phasePhase 2 can be found here.

Cinder Drift - Ruby Weapon Extreme Faza 1: Napad

Ruby Weapon brings its entire arsenal to the Cinder Drift Extreme fight, with a few additional tweaks. Before I get into the details, I'll break down the general abilities first. So feel free to continue if you already know what all the skills do.

Beginning,Optimized GenesisRelic, a magical attack that can make healers sweat.Stampis a tank destroyer that hits the main tank, with blunt weapon resistance weakening, so switch tanks each timeStampwill be mandatory.

Magitek drillappears in the arena (four at a time) and shoots direct AoE (magic ray) random targets - similar to traditional Ultima.

soft clawKeep watching Ruby dig her claws into the ground and you'll seeSpiralklaue,bald crow, or a special oneliquefactionIt's nextcrow fly(More on that below) It depends on where you are in the fight. If you miss the throw, look for the claws that dig into the center of the arena.

SpiralklaueIt works similarly to normal mode: it creates three AoEs and draws yellow lines along each AoE. The best way to avoid this is to stand on the edge between the two AoEs. The AoE surrounds you, turning away from you. This attack will happen twice. Therefore, do not start the hub after the first three deployments.

bald crowYou'll see ruby ​​weapons create rifts in the arena that split into main and main. During this attack, Ruby creates an AoE around her hitbox and a huge AoE at the end of each crack. The trick here is to recognize which are long and which are short: the space behind the short cracks is a safe space as long as you stand against the wall, as is the middle of the long cracks (away from the ends). short cracks). If you're not sure, keep an eye on the ground: it will glow with orange cracks along which bright sparks penetrate the ground: the attack starts where the sparks stop and the cracks are the brightest.

liquefactionIdestroySimilar concept to their regular counterparts. Upper cracks when quicksand is formedliquefaction,Idestroyhe was thrown.liquefactionkills you after six seconds if you don't make it to land, anddestroyIt can cause damage and burn you. There is the biggest differencedestroyWait a bit and split the arena. there is a special oneliquefactionThere is no crack phase, but it is connectedcrow flymechanically.

Rubinkugelconsequencesbald crow, creating three minor permanent AoEs on each. These AoEs last for about 15 seconds and will explode if someone walks inside. Player positioning is key.

crow flyLike Ruby's Rush through the Arena in Normal, but now you have to work with himliquefactionAnd logical. You will launch this attack in the middle of the arena whereliquefactionIt doesn't exist and avoids the three dashes. After that, Ruby will extend a claw on one hand and attack anyone who grabs that side of their body. after the first paw sprintliquefactionSwitching from the outside of the arena to the inside requires a quick dash to the outer edge of the arena, avoiding Ruby's dashes and slashes. There are arrows on the ground that show Ruby's path, and the icons for his paw and quicksand change one arrow each.

RubinkinetikaYou see Ruby charge towards the base point and throw an AoE donut around it (ie the safe room is in Ruby's hitbox). It's Ruby's job to fall when that happens. Pair with stacktargeting laser.

targeting laserAvailable in two flavors: stacked or split. If it's a stacked variant, the healer is the target and each must be stacked on a marker in Ruby's hit box (preferably four players each, including the target). In Split, AoE markers will appear over the skulls of all players. So spread them out to avoid clipping each other. The stages of separation occur simultaneouslycut and run.

cut and runRuby attacks the center of the arena from end to end, his arc of attack curving in a large cone directly in front of him and to the side. Holding on to the wall parallel to its path will get you through it and make sure you don't falltargeting laserto other players. Two more followMagic technology charge, it's a space AoE you should stay away from - back to Ruby's starting pointcut and runis optimal.

Ruby RayIt's a large cone-shaped AoE that explodes in front of the ruby ​​weapon. So stand behind or next to him.

Final Fantasy XIV – Cinder Drift: Ruby Weapon Extreme Faza 1 Vodič | Attack of the Zealots (2)

Cinder Drift – Ruby Weapon Extreme Phase 1: Taktik

So let's break down these attacks in a reasonable time frame:

  • Optimized Genesis
  • magical practice
  • Soft claws, magic ray
  • Helicoclaw i Magitek Ray, dva puta
  • magic ray
  • Stamp
  • soft claw
  • bald crow
  • destroy or liquefy
  • Rubinkugel
  • Ruby Ray
  • Optimized Genesis
  • soft claw
  • liquefaction and the flight of the crow
  • Optimized Genesis
  • Stamp
  • Ruby Dynamics i Stack-Homing-Laser
  • Cut and laser for diffuse targeting
  • magical charge
  • Ruby Ray
  • Optimized Genesis
  • soft claw
  • bald crow
  • destroy or liquefy
  • Rubinkugel
  • Ruby Ray
  • Optimized Genesis
  • Enraged (Triggers an optimized final slow cast no matter what when below 5% health and resolves other attacks.)

The actual strategy of Ruby Weapon Extreme moves into phase 1. First, 8 waypoints are marked on each cardinal and main point of the arena and assigned to the players. It's best to face the tank to the north while splitting the healers on the east and west edges to make sure no one is out of healing range. These points will help your team deal with the Ruby Orb AoE during Ravensclaw, as well as the Cut and Run sides (these are also needed for Phase 2).

For starters, your team should deactivate the optimized Ultima before it goes down. When the fight starts, prepare to dodge a round of Magitek Beams as Ruby throws a Flexiclaw and then a Helicoclaw. This attack activates twice with Magitek Ray's other two moves. Stick to the ledge where the two Helicoclaw AoEs intersect, closest to your marked waypoint, and be ready to dodge the first round of Magitek Beams, then retreat to face another wave of Helicoclaw -AoE dodges. Avoid the Magitek Ray for the third round, then hide behind Ruby unless you're tanking.

Ruby will throw the seal and the container will need to be replaced. Ravensclaw will follow the fast Flexiclaw. So when Flexiclaw appears, everyone has to go to their marked point. From here, watch the crack come out of the ground, don't stand in the middle of it. If you are on a long crack, stand in the middle. When you're a short distance away, stick to the wall behind him. Watch out for liquefaction or destruction after the AoE wears off. In each period you will have to deal with three ruby ​​orbs, for which you will need:

  • Sabotage - exit the chasm and position yourself at the waypoint in the safe area next to the wall. Each safe area should only have two players. Drop your first AoE and then move forward just out of range. Cast the second AoE and repeat the process for the third while focusing on the center of Ruby's hitbox without blocking the others' path or running into the falling Ruby Sphere. Do not overlap the balls.
  • Liquify - Stand on top of a rift and point to the waypoint for the furthest point you've reached. Slowly move forward along the rift path, dropping ruby ​​orbs as you move towards the center of the ruby ​​hit box. Again, the balls must not overlap.

Then Ruby will use Ruby Ray. So hide behind the boss to avoid the attack and the remaining Ruby Spheres. At this point, Ruby will cast an optimized Ultima, followed by a Flexiclaw that causes a Liquify/Ravensclaw. Each must be stacked in the middle. Ruby will charge to the northern edge of the arena. Arrows appear on the ground and the first sprint ends in the middle of the arena. Go to the southern edge of the safe zone to avoid Dash. The ruby ​​will then streak from the center to the outer edge and then to the scratch marks. Notice which paw sticks out: that's the side to avoid.

Ruby will rush through the middle again, so get to the side of the safe area where the paws aren't pointing. At this point, Ruby switches quicksand, and you and your team must now sprint out of the arena, to the side that the Paws missed in their last sprint. Use waypoints to mark safe places for everyone to run to. Thevisual performancego throughLyra stopped themThis will give you a better idea of ​​how this works.

After Ravensclaw will come the buffed ultimate and seal, so ease and heal through ultimate and switch tanks after seal. Then Ruby runs in the random main direction of Ruby Dynamics. Everyone should rush the boss to avoid AoE and nerf the complex version of Aiming Laser. Have everyone match the player assigned to their side of the card. Once the targeting lasers are turned off, Ruby is ready to cut and run. So everyone split up to the left or right of the boss, depending on which side they start the fight on. Everyone needs to keep their distance to avoid firing homing lasers at the other player. However, make sure you get as close to the outer wall in the middle as possible (to keep as much distance between you and Ruby as possible).

After the Cut and Run ends, return to the side where Ruby finishes or starts the attack to reduce the damage from the Magitek AoE attack across the universe. Avoid the next Ruby Beam and let the Healer defeat everyone to optimize Ultimo. Ruby will cast Ravensclaw again, so return to your waypoint and find a safe spot depending on whether your crack is long or short. There will be liquefaction or destruction - whatever didn't happen in the first Ravensclaw - so follow the necessary tips for the first Ravensclaw above. Remember to drop the Ruby Orbs as you approach the center and don't drop them on anyone else.

Ruby casts Ruby Ray and Optimized Ultima one more time before going berserk, or going berserk immediately if below 5% health. Ruby will throw a slower optimized ultimate that wipes out the entire raid when it starts, so burn the boss as soon as possible.

Congratulations on completing the first stage of Cinder Drift: Ruby Weapon Extreme, but there is one more thing to do. Grab a drink and follow me to the second part of this guide series where I detail how to winNael van Darnus partially struggles.

– This article was updated on February 21, 2020

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