Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (2023)

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts

Wondering when you'll be able to get your very own chocobo mount in Final Fantasy XIV? Here's where to go and how to get a mount in other ways.

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Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (1)

Final Fantasy 14 is a game that requires a lot of collecting. It's been said that "charisma is really the endgame," and many players take this to heart by scouring the world of Eorzea for the best items to equip their characters with for maximum coolness points.

One such collectible category is mounts. Not only are they great for moving around large areas of the game (even more so if you've unlocked flying), but they can add some serious flair to your character. One of the first mounts you'll likely get is the Company Chocobo, which you get by completing the My Little Chocobo quest after joining the big company, which you have to do in the main story mission.

My little chocobo quest

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Depending on the Big Company you choose, you can claim the My Little Chocobo Quest here to unlock mounts for your character. You must be level 20 to accept these missions and complete the required main story quests.

Ul'dah - the immortal flame

  • National National Congress:quickly
  • Place:Ul'dah - Nald's Stairs (X:8, Y:8)
  • must be completedfor coins and landsLevel 20 Main Quests.

Limsa Lominsa – Whirlpool

  • National National Congress:La Schatrick
  • Place:Limsa Lominsa Oberdeck (X:13.1, Y:12.8)
  • must be completeduntil the sea swallows everythingLevel 20 Main Quests.

Gridania – Double warehouse

  • National National Congress:Sailing ship Vorsail Heuloix
  • Place:Neu-Gridania (X:9, Y:11)
  • must be completedthe wood will be readyLevel 20 Main Quests.

When you're done, you'll receive the Chocobo Whistle item (which you use to summon your own Chocobo) and unlock the My Little Chocobo achievement.

How to unlock different mounts

Below is a list of ways to get mounts in Final Fantasy XIV. Almost every activity in the game will reward you with a mount, so it's best to find your favorite mount. If you have a specific mount in mind, you can use FFXIV Collect to find out exactly where it's available and if you can buy that mount directly from the Marketboard.

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main mission

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (3)

Completing main story quests will earn you several mounts, which usually have some narrative meaning. For example, in the Stormblood part of the story, challenge an entire dungeon to earn Yol. This becomes a permanent mount that you can use. If we're lucky, we might see more stories in the upcoming Endwalker expansion.


Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (4)

Although not critical to the overall story of Final Fantasy XIV, some vehicles can be obtained as rewards or as part of side missions. An example of this is the Unicorn, which is easy to get since the only requirement is a level 30 mage.

special event

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (5)

There are many events in Final Fantasy 14 that coincide with real events, such as Valentine's Day in February and Starlight Celebration in December. While they don't always offer mounts as a reward, it's a good idea to check out what's on offer just in case. If you missed out on getting these limited time mounts, there's usually a chance to get them by paying real money in the optional item shop (event items are usually added to the item shop within a year of their debut).


Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (6)

As you progress through Final Fantasy 14, you'll no doubt earn a number of achievements. Some of them come with rewards, and some of those rewards are carriers. These are usually reserved for rarer, more difficult, or longer-lasting achievements.

For example, there are some to succeed in PvP, and there are some infamous mounts that require playing hundreds of instances as specific tank jobs. These carriers are true badges of pride.


Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (7)

Only one dungeon currently offers mounts - Ala Mhigo, the one at the end of the Stormblood story. The chest that drops after defeating the boss has a chance to contain the Magitek Predator ID Key, which allows you to use the Magitek Predator as a mount. However, since this is not guaranteed, hikers are likely to spend a lot of time in Ala Mhigo.

While there has only been one dungeon exclusive mount so far, it will be interesting to see if Endwalker introduces a new mount to find and enjoy.

court hearing

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (8)

Trials are one of the more classic ways to get a mount. They usually drop in Ultimate Trials, and each expansion's Trials have a themed mount - Heavensward's Ultimate Trial, for example, drops large birds called Lanners. They have a very low drop rate, so you can often find Farming Gatherings in the Gathering Finder to speed up the process.

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One famous mount is the Rathalos, straight out of the Monster Hunter world. This mount can be dropped in an extreme version of the Great Hunt trick attempt added to Stormblood.

Shop with Jill

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (9)

There are some mounts that can be purchased directly from Jill, but they are very expensive. An example is Ronka's magnificent ship, which can be purchased in Eulmore for up to 25 million gil. I hope you know some quick ways to cook Jill.

Be careful when looking at these mounts on the market board as skilled players will most likely try to cash in on these super expensive items.

Shop with MGP

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (10)

A number of mounts are available for purchase in a golden saucer. These tend to cost a lot of MGP, so only the most dedicated and Triple Triad players should ride Gilgamesh's sidekick Typhon or the majestic Fenrir.

Purchased with Beast Horde currency

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (11)

Befriending the biggest tribes in the world is great for anyone who likes to collect mounts. This method requires a certain amount of dedication, since beast horde vendors won't sell mounts until you reach max friendship level, which is when you're not for Kojin.

Purchased with a Skybuilder voucher

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (12)

Working in Ishgard's newest settlement is very lucrative for mountain hunters. There are several ways to get mounts here, but the main way is to use Skybuilder scripts. As such, there are many benefits to using Ishgardian Restoration to improve your crafting and gathering courses.

to make

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (13)

Speaking of crafting, there are currently two types of mounts that can be crafted. These are magical beds and flying chairs. The first is a carpentry recipe that requires a Carpenter VII recipe book to craft, and the second is an alchemy recipe that also requires a Master Alchemist V to craft.


Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (14)

Two mounts can be obtained with currency dropped by a special FATE. The first is Ixion, which requires FATE A Horse Outside, and the second is Ironfrog Mover from FATE A Finale Most Formidable. These FATEs are very rare, so keep an eye on your conversations for clues - you don't want to miss out on these cool horses.

Weapon Artifact Zone

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (15)

Since Stormblood, players have been able to craft and upgrade their artifact weapons in completely separate areas of the instance. These are the Forbidden Land, Eureka and Bojzan South Front. Both have different mounts to collect, either from lockers, raid rewards, or cluster swaps.

fantastic dick

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (16)

There's even a mount for Idyllshire's Khloe Aliapoh. You can earn mounts by using gold referral certificates or collect artificial leaves by playing Artificial Hollow.

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Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (17)

Take part in various hunts around the world of Final Fantasy XIV and you will be rewarded with valuable currency. These can sometimes be used to buy horses - save the Clan Marker Journal for Majestic Wyvern or collect 3200 bags of nuts to pay for Forgive Restraint.

deep dungeon

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (18)

There are three different deep dungeons in the game, which are primarily for progression, but also contain numerous rewards that players can wish for. Each Deep Dungeon has a horse to target, from a creepy disembodied head to a sleek black Pegasus.


Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (19)

PvP is great for shaping your character, whether you want cool clothes or awesome mounts. If you manage to get 20,000 Wolfmarks, you can exchange them for magical celestial armor. Additionally, mounts are often rewarded for performing well in the Feast Arena mode.

Mogg station

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (20)

Of course, many mounts can be obtained by purchasing them for real money on Mogstation. It's up to you whether it's really worth it, as they are usually the most expensive items in the store. It is worth noting that the SDS Fenrir motorcycle mount has the unique feature of being faster than other mounts, even without the in-game speed boost.

Premium/special offers

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (21)

Some mounts have a longer time limit than special in-game events. These can be rewards for buying expansion packs in advance or for participating in actual promotions, such as the recent Butterfinger event where players bought tons of chocolate to get a Chocorpokkur mount.

Friend recruitment event

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (22)

Three exclusive mounts are available in Final Fantasy XIV's Recruit A Friend event. Recruiting friends will give you a special golden chocobo feather, which you can then use to buy a Twintania, Amber Draft chocobo, or Managarm carrier. You'll also get extra feathers if your friends also subscribe to certain milestones.

Moogle trezor

Final Fantasy 14 How To Unlock Mounts (23)

The Moogle Treasure Trove is a recurring event in the game. While it doesn't offer any unique mounts that aren't available elsewhere, it does offer an easier way to acquire mounts that would otherwise be available in other ways.

For example, instead of having to go through difficult ordeals to get the carrier you want, you can simply farm special moogle boxes and exchange them for a carrier during events. The mounts offered will change each time the event respawns. So don't miss it the next time it's on!


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