Final Fantasy 14 Hildibrand Patch 6.35 Missions, Locations and Unlocks Guides (2023)


Explore mysteries and get into trouble like the Mandevilles.

Michael Higham, June 6, 2022

Updated May 4, 2023

Everyone loves a real Manderville man, and there's patch 6.35Final Fantasy 14, we embark on another adventure with the Gentleman of Light. TheFinal Fantasy 14Hildibrand Quests are a series of wacky, funny and surprisingly erudite side quests that unlock after you complete themrealm of rebirth, i setOrIStorm blood.

Hildibrand's quest series is full of funny and funny moments. Amidst the disaster and conflict that looms over the game's main story,Final Fantasy 14The team took the opportunity to show their sense of humor in some absolutely ridiculous and hilarious moments, even breaking the conventions of the game at certain points for added effect. You'll meet Hildibrand's partner Nashua Mhakarakka and learn more about Gold Saucer founder and Hildibrand's father, Godbert Manderville.

Since these are side quests, they won't appear in your journal until you accept the quest itself. So if you stop in the middle of a quest line and do something else in the game, you might get lost and forget where the next Hildibrand quest is. You can use this guide as a reference when this happens.

How to unlock the quest "The Further Adventures of Hildibrand".Final Fantasy 14Patch 6.15

Final Fantasy 14 Hildibrand Patch 6.35 Missions, Locations and Unlocks Guides (2)

One of the more convenient additionsFinal Fantasy 6.15-PatchThis is the Multi-Adventure Kind of Hildibrand questline, and if you haven't already completed that sidequestline, you still have a long way to go. Now we know how to access the new Hildibrand quest - to complete it, you need to equip your class to level 90The last wandererMSQ (ending with "Endwalker" quest) and completing all previous Hildibrand quest lines (ending with "Don't Do the Dewprism")Storm blood).

After completing all of these, you'll find a new Hildibrand quest called "The Sleeping Gentleman" from an NPC named Excitable Youth in Radz-at-Han (X:11.8, Y:11.2). Judging by the screenshots of the trailer and when we last saw it (fromSchattenbringerPatch 5.3) it's safe to assume you'll find him in Norvrandt's Lakeland, where he appears to be trapped in The First.

Hildibrandova potraga (realm of rebirth, Lu. 50)

Final Fantasy 14 Hildibrand Patch 6.35 Missions, Locations and Unlocks Guides (3)

startFinal Fantasy 14Hildibrand quest, you must complete the base game,realm of rebirth, ends with the quest "The Ultimate Weapon". Then the first side quest line opens up and you can follow it to the endFinal Fantasy 142.x patch cycle. Here are all the Hildibrand quest locations for the 50 level sequencerealm of rebirth.

during this tripFinal Fantasy 14The Hildibrand quest requires you to complete the Trial of the Eight for the Battle of the Bridge, the Battle of the Dragongate, and the Battle of the Great Keep. You'll get early access to essential Manderville dance vibes. After completing this quest, you will be rewarded with the Clockwork Gentleman minion, the Manderville Amulet, and the Gentlest Feeling.

  • The Rise and Fall of the Gentleman— Wymond, Ul'dah – Nald 的方梯(X:9,8,Y:8,7)
  • back in the saddle— Hildibrand, Süd-Thanalan (X: 21.5, Y: 39.1)
  • whatever you want— Wymond, Ul'dah – Nald 的方梯(X:9,8,Y:8,7)
  • the perfect scam— Ellie, Ul'dah — Nalds Treppe (X: 8,3, Y: 11,1)
  • deductive science— Ellie, East Thanaland (X: 10,9, Y: 16,4)
  • Hammer— Hildibrand, West Thanaland (X: 20,1, Y: 24,6)
    • Completing the mission rewards the Manderville Dance emote.
  • Mandeville-Mann— Hildibrand, Nord-Thanaland (X: 23,6, Y: 23,9)
  • three collectors— Hildibrand, West Thanaland (X: 13,1, Y: 14,1)
    • Unlocks combat in Bridge Trials.
  • engagement business— Ellie, West Thanalan (X: 13,0, Y: 14,1)
  • a spur of inspiration— Briardien, eastern La Nosia (X: 32.0, Y: 32.6)
  • Together since the Rebellion— Small Merchant, Cyranosia (X: 27.7, Y: 28.3)
  • obscenity casey – Hildibrand from Ost-La Nosia (X:20.5, Y:21.6)
  • eight arms— Ellie, Ost-La Nosia (X: 32.0, Y: 30.4)
  • What price wins— Hildibrand, Ul'dah - Naldove stairs (X:8.3, Y:11.1)
  • Problems with truffles— Hildibrand, Ul'dah - Naldove stairs (X:8.3, Y:11.1)
  • Riddles in the gym— Briarden, Ul'dah – Thalove stepenice (X: 14,0, Y: 10,0)
    • Unlocks Trial of the Dragon.
  • The Shadow of Hildych— Ellie, Ul'dah – Thalove stepenice (X: 9,8, Y: 11,2)
  • battle of the limbs— Hildibrand, West Thanaland (X: 28,7, Y: 24,9)
  • under the mask— Hildibrand, Ul'dah – Thalove stepenice (X: 12,0, Y: 11,7)
  • inexplicable truth— Hyuran Woman, Ul'dah - Stepenice Dale (X: 12.0, Y: 11.8)
  • her last vows— Julian, Ul'dah – Thalove staircase (X: 2.0, Y: 11.8)
    • Unlock combat in the Big Keep Trial. For completing the quest you will be rewarded with Clockwork Gentleman, Manderville Coatee, Manderville Bottoms and Most Gentlemanly emotes.

More Hildibrand Adventures (Or, Lu. 60)

Final Fantasy 14 Hildibrand Patch 6.35 Missions, Locations and Unlocks Guides (4)

Once you've done bothOrThe MSQ (ending with the Heavensward mission) and the previous series of Hildibrand missions allow you to continue down the rabbit hole. This time explore Dravania and Coerthas with the gang and Mammet, a cap named Gigi. This quest line gets a little weird outside of its tongue-in-cheek territory, but ends up being hilariously and endearingly complex. You will also receive a Gigi pet as a reward for completing this mission.

  • The Lord does not fall, he does not become a fly— Nashu Mhakaracca, 支柱 (X: 5.9, Y: 9.9)
  • Don't call it a comeback— Cyr,Coerthas Western Highlands (X: 18.1, Y: 10.9)
  • The situation bites— Cyr, temelj (X: 9.9, Y: 11.4)
  • mammoth size— Hildibrand, stupac (X:6,0, Y:9,8)
  • our own pavilion— Cyr, temelj (X: 9.9, Y: 11.4)
  • Don't trust anyone over sixty— Hildibrand, Idila (X: 6.3, Y: 7.3)
  • A proud man and a man with a keen eye— Cyr, temelj (X: 9.9, Y: 11.4)
  • if i could turn back time— Hildibrand, Dravansko predlje (X: 20.3, Y: 22.1)
    • Completing missions rewards Gigi Miles.

More adventures of Hildibrand (Storm blood, Lu. 70)

Final Fantasy 14 Hildibrand Patch 6.35 Missions, Locations and Unlocks Guides (5)

After terminationStorm bloodMSQ (ending with the Stormblood quest) and the previous Hildibrand quest, in Kugane you'll see the gang is in some more shit. Until patch 6.15, this is the end of your Hildibrand adventure. However, when it comes to some really funny Mandeville nonsense, it doesn't disappoint. If you can spot him in the Hero's Glove dungeon in patch 5.3, things will make more sense.

During this part of Hildibrand's adventure, you must complete the Kugane Ohashi Trial of Eight. After all is said and done, you can unlock the desired Mandeville Mambo emote to make the trip worthwhile.

  • History of the Xing'an People: The Eastern Expedition from Nazhou— Conspicuous, inconspicuous Kugane man (X: 10.6, Y: 9.8)
  • Life imitates art imitates life— Nashu Mhakaracca, Kugane (X: 11.7, Y: 8.8)
  • the wolf and the master— Rubinseeregen (X: 38,1, Y: 38,1)
  • In the eyes of the Xing'an people– build, build (X: 13.2, Y: 13.3)
  • Incorrectly placed blades– build, build (X: 9.9, Y: 7.8)
  • black heart behind– build, build (X: 12.5, Y: 8.1)
  • good knife, good dog- Hildibrand, Kugane (X: 12.1, Y: 6.0)
  • The past will never go away— Nashu Mhakaracca, Kugane (X: 10.5, Y: 8.1)
    • Unlocks the trial of Kugana Ohashi.
  • Don't be a dewdrop mirror- Hildibrand, Kugane (X: 11.7, Y: 8.8)
    • Completing the mission rewards the Manderville Mambo emote.

Somehow Hildibrand's Adventures (The last wanderer, Lu. 90)

After the expansion, the famous Mr. Detective returns! This expansion pack offers perhaps the most compelling Hildibrand quests. Access requires previous Hildibrand quest and these add-onsThe last wandererrelic weapon series,Mandeville Arme.

New missions in the Further Adventures of Hildibrand series come with every 6.x5 patch, starting with patch 6.15 through patch 6.25, patch 6.35 and the upcoming patch 6.45. These missions will take Hildibrand and Nashua to the moon, but there are no adjacent experiments for you to perform yet. To start these missions you must complete the previous Hildibrand missions andThe last wandererThe main scenario of the "Endwalker" mission.

  • sleeping master— Excited Youth, Radz-at-Han (X: 11.8, Y: 11.2)
  • a loving goodbye- Hildibrand, Lakeland (X: 25.8, Y: 26.0)
  • Mondverschwörung—Nashu Mhakaracca, Radz-at-Han (X: 11,8, Y: 11,2)
  • an imperfect master— Hildibrand, Mare Lamentorum (X: 27.9, Y: 35.7)
  • Check out the sights— Delion, Radz-at-Han (X: 11,9, Y: 11,1)
  • passed down from generation to generation— Hildibrand, Thavnair (X: 32,7, Y: 26,3)
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