FFXIV Eureka Upgrade Guide: Upgrading to Eureka (2023)

With another release in the Final Fantasy series in 2017, players will find themselves in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, a multiplayer RPG masterpiece with limitless potential. Patch 4.25 contained a controversial addition in the form of Eureka Forbidden. The gameplay of this particular FFXIV series is reminiscent of MMORPGs from the 2000s, giving old players a sweet nostalgia and giving new players the feel of an MMO from that era. This article will help you with thatFinal Fantasy 14 Eurekalevelingdriver.

main highlights

  • existPatch 4.25Final Fantasy 14,Eureka forbiddenDebi.
  • the player must havevery competentMagia Board system to ensure progress.
  • Killing monsters is importantcloser to your level.
  • attemptJoin as many parties as possibleLike fast farming.

Learn more about the Eureka leveling system

First up is our Final Fantasy leveling guide. This mysterious island consists of several layers of elements. This means that all new players entering this stage will start at level 1.

Whether it's Eureka or future expansion packs like the upcoming Doomwalker, stay tuned to our game for updatesFinal Fantasy XIV Level 60-70 Guide.

The prominent elemental theme means that monsters are not only stronger, but also weaker against some elements and stronger against others. The six affinities offered by Eureka are Earth, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, and Wind. Below is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of each element.

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magic board

You can increase the power of the elements in the game by scattering magic stones on the element. You can get up to 5 Philosopher's Stones by completing Wing Quests, and they should all agree on the same item. While maintaining a balanced set of elements seems like the most natural approach, things are different in Eureka.

The distribution of magic stones is not permanent, so don't panic if you see monsters with stronger elements on the island. Que in: Magic Tablet. Magia Boards are a rotating mechanism used to change a character's elemental affinity. With this board, you can change the position of stacked magic stones to any element at any time. This means you can dynamically adapt to each monster before or even during battle.

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Magia Medler

The Magic Stone Crystals listed above can only be sold through Magio Medler. We can find this strange object in the settlement. The Magia Medler is not only a way to change the position of the Philosopher's Stone, but also a way to charge the Magia board itself. Since leveling in FFXIV Eureka is already a challenge, you should make sure your hand pad is always loaded and ready to move on to the next element.

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Notes:Players can fill the board by killing monsters, but this is not recommended due to the death penalty.

Capital punishment

That! You read it right! Unlike the rest of FFXIV: Stormblood, Eureka has the death penalty. From the moment a new player enters Anemos, they must fully understand how the system works. Here's the breakdown.

Complete Eureka before continuingFFXIV Ancient City Guide: How to Find It.

Players can dye without penalty until they reach level 6. This means that the starting level is an introduction to the Eureka system. However, if you are not revived in time after reaching level 6, a portion of the accumulated EXP will be deducted with each death.

Traveling with a squad is the most effective way to avoid losing valuable experience, since fighting monsters alone is very difficult. It also gets even more dangerous from level 11. Dying at this point usually means giving up an entire level that you could spend hours onsleekfor.

Unlock Eureka

Next, we'll show you how to get into Eureka in our FFXIV Eureka Levels Guide: Players can unlock FFXIV Eureka after completing missions from the Stormblood series, and there are some prerequisites to access this expansion. Level 70 or higher is highly recommended as the goal here is to grind by killing monsters, not the other way around. Additionally, your items will be synced up to level 300, meaning anything above that level will be downgraded.

Unlocking Eureka is not a difficult task. Travel to Ralghar's Reach where you can accept the We Call It Eureka quest by simply talking to Galien. After completing this quest, you will meet another NPC, Rodney, in Kugane. Talking to Rodney will unlock all the glory of Eureka for your players. Don't rush into the restricted areas though, as you'll need a lot of preparation to level up effectively in FFXIV Eureka.

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Items you can bring to Eureka

After you unlock Eureka, you'll need to think about getting armor, which is probably the biggest factor in how quickly you level up. This requires you to buy two Cryptic Sigils if you want to play the Physics Class or three Damask Cloths if you want to play the Magic Class. You'll exchange these items for one of two sets of armor at Pier 1, near our well-known NPC Rodney. Either Kirin's Osode from X or Vermilion Cloak from X depending on the class you chose earlier. These items give you elemental bonuses and accelerations. These two power-ups will greatly increase your strength and speed, helping you overcome the initial challenge with ease.

Harmony Potions are another item you can buy. These potions provide a 10% boost to Elemental Experience, allowing you to level up faster.

Start leveling FFXIV Eureka

One of the most important aspects of our Final Fantasy 14 Eureka progression guide is progression: once your preparations are complete and you're ready to experience Eureka, progression is next.

Leveling up in Eureka isn't difficult if you stick to the basics of attacking monsters of your level. However, some Eurekan potions even allow you to target monsters that are 1-2 levels higher than you. These potions, available from almost any vendor, have insane regeneration abilities, which is important given that Eureka's death has ramifications.

There are also these beings called elementals on the map. Elementals are basically creatures that cast an area of ​​effect enhancement on any player they come into contact with. The buffs they provide are EXP, damage, regeneration and even echo.

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play as a solo player

As a solo player, your main goal is to first kill monsters of the same level as you. These are relatively easy targets that give you significant XP at lower levels. Hunting monsters that are lower level than you is quite a futile task because not only is the EXP quite low, but there are no chain multipliers for these enemies. Chain multipliers in FFXIV Eureka can be implemented according to certain criteria.

They are: The monsters you kill must be your level or higher, and the time between kills must be short. Because of this, we strongly advise you not to try to kill monsters that are more than 2 levels higher than you. This is especially true after reaching level 6 due to the EXP penalty.

We recommend that you play this type of game at a lower elemental level because dying after level 6 is very dangerous.

play at a party

As simple as this fact sounds, having fun in Eureka is more profitable than just wandering around the Forbidden Islands. Although EXP is distributed evenly among all party members, there are many other perks that can affect the balance. If you have a team of 4, you can fight monsters that are 2 levels higher than you.

Also, you can go through the chain multiplier faster and have longer chains. However, to deal with monsters that are 5 levels higher than you, it's best to use a team of 8 people. Usually the Eureka chat room is very fast, so don't hesitate to meet people.

Fight against the infamous monsters

In FFXIV Eureka, these are boss-level enemies with their elemental affinities. These monsters appear as Full Active Time Events (FATE). The prerequisite for the appearance of these villains is to defeat a large number of monsters. Although some of them depend on weather conditions, there are no absolute guidelines in this regard. Defeating these monsters brings great rewards in the form of experience points, crystals and other loot. Fighting NM is very difficult, so never fight alone, especially at higher levels and with higher penalties.

Along with normal NM, you can also get Happy Bunnies after defeating Anemos. All these fates are about protecting the bunny and discovering the location of the hidden treasure.

How to get artifact armor and relic weapons in Eureka

Finally, in our Final Fantasy 14 Eureka Levels Guide, these items are actually the reason most players embark on their Eureka journey. In order to get them, you must first replace your outdated armor and weapons before proceeding. The ultimate goal here is to finally put your weapon on the Anemos variant so you can paint it to your liking. The weapon also emits an enveloping elemental light, which makes it look really good.

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You can trade artifact armor or relic weapons for later variants by adding protean crystals. These crystals can be collected by killing monsters and NMs. However, upgrading the weapon to the ultimate Anemos variant requires an Anemos Crystal and 3 Pazuzu Feathers.

Anemos crystals are obtained in a similar way to protean crystals, but Pazuzu's feathers are more challenging. In early patches, the only way to get this elusive Pazuzu Feather was to kill Pazuzu with gold. However, now that we have this handy vendor at x19 y31.3, just buy these feathers for 300 Protean Crystals each.

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