Bars Near Me: Top 5 Bars Near Your Location (2022 Updates) (2023)

The bars near me are always a great way to relax, have fun, and even meet new people.

However, finding the perfect bar for you, especially one near you, can be difficult. There seems to be many options such as live music bars, sports bars, pub restaurants, pubs and steakhouses, all of which are nearby, offering you completely different vibes and experiences.

Even with a clear goal of what you're looking for, you might be wondering what the best bar in your area is and need advice from others on popularity and ordering tips.

Now we've made it easy for you with our informative bar locator near me, a quick list of the top 5 bars in your area, tips for finding the best bars in your area, and a beginner's guide for first-time bar-goers.


  • Bar search engine near me
  • The 5 best bars in your area
  • How to find the best bars nearby

Bar Finder Near Me - Find open bars near you

This finder automatically shows all the bars near your current location. No matter what bar you are looking for, you will find the one that is closest to you with all the information you need.

Just a friendly reminder: Check the status of your GPS and make sure it's turned on so the map can correctly show the bars and pubs around you. Also, proxies must be avoided for the map to work.

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Here is some essential information you might be looking for in this bar near me:

#1. open bars near me

Now you can easily find open bars near you or night bars near me with the map thanks to the built-in filter functions.

Click on "Opening Hours" and select "Open Now". The map updates automatically and only shows the bars near me that are currently open.

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#two. The best bars near me

To find the ideal bars in your area you can use a combination of filters including bar classification, prices and opening times. That way, you can find some really good bars in your area that fit your needs, with high recommendations from real customers (as well as keep an eye out for well-worn ones to avoid).

Bars Near Me: Top 5 Bars Near Your Location (2022 Updates) (2)

We will provide this later in this posta list of good barsnearby including outdoor bars, sports bars, music bars and those with food, wine and dancing to help you relax a little.

#3. More bars near me

For more specific types of bar searches, e.g. B. All you can eat salad bars, pub bars, bars with pool tables, rooftop bars, bars with live music or outdoor seating, dance bars, country bars or anything you want. If you wish, you can use the search function integrated into the map.

The Bar Near Me Finder works to find the top rated bars near you by (mostly) combining your searches with customer reviews. Therefore, you should also check what others are saying about the services you are looking for.

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If you accidentally land on this page and are looking for something different (e.g. juice or oyster bars instead of wine or cocktail bars) it's also very easy to find the right places with new searches.

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5 Best Bars in the United States

The best bars in my area are really a matter of taste. Some people can thrive in a bright room with a very sociable crowd. Some want a dark dive with a more understated feel. While some might want soft music and others might want it loud.

Here we serve the needs of all types of people who want to have a drink with a definitive list of bars that you can find in your city. Give it a try and experience the joy of the bars near you!

#1.Service-Bar(Washington, D.C)

  • Overall impression (4.6 stars):Offbeat, laid-back spot for cocktails and fried chicken with a cozy bar within a bar.
  • Atmosphere: informal and welcoming.
  • Hours of Operation: Usually 5:00 p.m. M. at 2 a.m. M.
  • Service: Dinner on site; extinguish
  • Menu:check over
  • Offers: Alcohol, Beer, Cocktails, Food, Spirits, Wine.
  • Highlights: Fast service, great cocktails and live performances.
  • Popular Items: Fried Chicken, Blood Orange Painkillers
  • Guest Comment: "The food is delicious and the drinks are strong, but the prices are affordable"

#2.Tavern Tulip Shop(Portland, Oregon)

  • Overall impression (4.6 stars):Sandwiches, snacks and cocktails are served in a relaxed space with a contemporary feel and terrace.
  • Atmosphere: informal and welcoming.
  • Opening hours: 00:00 – 00:00 (Sunday to Thursday); 12:00 – 1:00 (Friday and Saturday)
  • Service: outdoor seating, take away, dine in
  • Menu:check over
  • Offers: Alcohol, Beer, Cocktails, Food, Spirits, Wine.
  • Highlights: Prompt service, great beer selection, great cocktails.
  • Popular items: beer, burgers, taco salad
  • Customer Review: "Killer beer menu, great cocktails, peanut free and real onion rings."

#3.Decibel sake bar(New York)

  • Overall impression (4.5 stars):Underground sake bar with an extensive menu and Japanese snacks.
  • Atmosphere: informal and cozy
  • Opening hours: 18:00 - 00:00 (18:00 - 02:00 Friday and Saturday)
  • Services: delivery, take away, dining in the restaurant
  • Menu:check over
  • Offers: Alcohol, Beer, Cocktails, Food, Spirits, Wine.
  • Highlights: Fast service, great cocktails, great snacks
  • Popular Items: Whiskey Highball, Milk Martini
  • Customer rating: "Very cool, modern ambience and delicious small portion plates."


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  • Overall impression (4.7 stars):Relaxed bar with seasonal cocktails, craft beers, and an extensive whiskey menu amidst chic industrial decor.
  • Atmosphere: Casual, cozy and sophisticated.
  • Opening hours: 17:00 – 02:00 (closed on Mondays)
  • Services: Meals
  • Menu:check here
  • Offers: alcohol, beer, cocktails, food, wine.
  • Highlights: Great bar food, great beer selection, great cocktails and an excellent wine list
  • Popular Articles: Seasonal Cocktails, The Oklahoma
  • Guest Comment: “Excellent cocktails, beers, atmosphere and most of all; Service."

#5.Heart cabin(The angel)

  • Overall impression (4.5 stars):Relaxed tiki bar with fruit drinks, lava fountains and varied melodies from the jukebox.
  • Atmosphere: Informal and welcoming.
  • Opening hours: 16:00 – 00:00 (opens at 14:00 on Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Services: Dinner on site, outside food is allowed
  • Menu:check here
  • Offers: Alcohol, Beer, Cocktails, Happy Hour, Wine
  • Highlights: quick service, great cocktails.
  • Popular Items: Tiki Menu Items (Mai Tai, Navy Grog); Cocktail Chi Chi Nuts
  • Customer Rating: "Super cool atmosphere, best happy hour prices in LA, no music"

The full list can be found here. You can check if your local bars are listed and let us know in the comments if there are any good bars worth visiting near you.

Bars Near Me: Top 5 Bars Near Your Location (2022 Updates) (4)

How to find the best bars nearby

Is there a convenient way to find the best bars nearby? You don't want to try everyone and go from bar to bar. Here are some helpful tips to save you time finding the best bars in your area.

#1. research

It is important to know where you want to go, what kind of atmosphere you prefer and for what purpose you are going to the bar (e.g. to have fun or meet new people).

In addition to using the bars locator near me as detailed above, you can also checkTripAdvisorThis will give you a list of thousands of bars nearby or any location you enter.

Note that the results are in the restaurants collection and are based on customers mentioning "bars", so there may be more bars and steakhouses nearby. Also look out for sponsored results which are a paid impression although they might be good pubs nearby.

#two. Avoid the city center

It is true that there are many great and popular bars near the city center as the big demand comes from the crowd. Downtown bars aren't the best place to try new bars, however, considering prices are inflated due to high rents.

(Video) Best Bars In Belfast. Harp Bar, Cathedral Quarter

Instead, a smarter option is to try the nearby local bars. They usually have better menus with impressive quality and lower costs.

#3. Enjoy technology

In this information age, technology makes many things easier, including finding the best bars in your area. Social media communities are a good example, connecting you with other people who share similar interests.

You can easily find a group of bar lovers and the best bars in your area by searching for a specific label and the city you are in. You can even make friends with some locals who will direct you to the best bars in the area on the internet.

Asking the local reddit community is also a good way to find recommendations for good bars in your area.

And don't paint your perception of the "bar scene" based on a bar or two you've tried, as each one is different. Look around until you find the real gems for you.

Beginner's Guide to Bars and Pubs

What is standard bar etiquette for a novice bartender? When you first go to the bar near you, you might have a similar confusion.

Do not be nervous. Follow the tips below and enjoy the bar!

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  • Have your ID ready to show the bartender when you first show up at a bar.
  • Try to think about what you want before you get on the bar.
  • Don't change your drink more than once a night when you're full.
  • The drinks menu or menu that you often see consists of just a few specialty cocktails.
  • You can have a beer or a simple cocktail if you're undecided.
  • To order a drink all you have to do is put your money down, make eye contact and the bartender will come to you.
  • You pay after the bartender delivers your drink.
  • Small bills are preferred as changing them can be difficult.
  • Tipping is generally expected in the US (at least one dollar per drink).
  • You can leave the tip in the tip jar or in the dispenser.
  • If you usually go to a bar near me and want to be remembered, tip well the first few times.
  • Empty glasses or bottles must be placed on the counter or table.
  • Emptiness is also a sign of reorganization.
  • If you go to a sports bar near you, you can make reasonable requests to watch other games when the TVs are full.
  • Trying out sports bars can be fun, especially when the local team is playing, even if you're not a sports enthusiast. In sports bars, the energy is contagious.
  • It is acceptable to inquire about Happy Hour anytime before 7pm. m., but if you ask if they have any specials, you will sound like a tool. If the bar has promotions, they will be prominently displayed.
  • If you throw up, use the toilet or the trash can.


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