5 Taylor Swift-approved NYC restaurants suitable for a Girls Squad Night (2023)

There's a girls' night out and then there's aTaylor Swift–Ladies Night Out, i.e. going out to dinner with squad membersKarl Kloss,Dear Delevingne,dakota johnson,Aldridge-Lilie, and many more. This week, the "Bad Blood" singer was spotted wearing an outfit that included the aforementioned it ladies, as well asSerena WilliamsLili DonaldsonSuki Wasserhaus, jsir. In fact, Swift spent three consecutive nights away from home innew Yorkwith your best friends: catch a private Kings of Leon concert, party and dance at Le Poisson Rouge and dine at some of the best restaurants in town. And last night she threw a balloon-filled birthday party for Lorde at ZZ's Clam Bar downtown, with Kloss and Lena Dunham in tow.

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Calvin Harris' ex isn't staying calm after a breakup (hell with Hiddleswift) and her personal remedy seems to be eating out with her girls at her favorite Manhattan restaurants. From the quaint and cozy Waverly Inn downtown to the Polo Bar downtown, Miss Swift is the perfect look for a girls' night out, even if her team doesn't include a supermodel or two. She takes a peek at her favorite places to dine on Ladies Night in New York.

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Posada Waverley
This iconic West Village restaurant is one of Swift's favorite spots for BFF hangouts. She was seen there with people likeDunham, and this week he stopped by for a casual dinner with Johnson and Delevingne. Famous for its potato pie, Waverly also serves dishes like slow-cooked Hudson Valley duck breast with suckling pig and fried arctic beef with halibut clams. Meet the girls at the front bar by the fireplace if you're just looking for a stiff drink.

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the fat radish
Tucked away on the Lower East Side, Fat Radish also hosted Swift and her girl gang this week when the singer dined there on Thursday night.Zoe Kravitz, Delevingne, Waterhouse, Johnson and Donaldson. Owned by the Silkstone Hospitality Group, this British-inspired farm-to-table restaurant offers dishes like peeky-toe crab au gratin with leeks and sherry, aged carrots with avocado and crispy kale, and a bacon cheeseburger with fries and bacon fat. duck.

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