17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (2023)

Mexican cuisine is on the list of some of the best dishes in the world. She always makes it to the top ten kitchens.

There are manyTolle Restaurants in Brooklynbut do you know the mexican restaurants in brooklyn?

When people talked about Mexican food, that was the only thing that came to mind.tacos, taquitos, enchiladas and of course the ones you can find in the various restaurants.

You can also go to restaurants for that and of course there is no other area that compares to N.Y. can keep up when it comes to a restaurant that offers varied dishes.

Now let's summarize it so you know or see if you can find one.Mexican restaurant you like in Brooklyn.

Best Recommended Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn


17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (1)

I start this only because I am enjoying the scenery much more.

I am one of those people who like the space to cook with firewood. The local chef likes to make the best tacos in a wood oven. They typically add anything including flank steaks, tender lamb barbecue, and more.

One thing you will appreciate is that they take the less traditional inventions and go above and beyond to create the unique Mexican dishes of your choice.

It's not just your average quesadilla, enchilada, taco, and guacamole; They offer new and delicious things.

Oxomoco is also one of thebest green point restaurants.

128 Greenpoint Avenue Brooklyn, Nueva York 11222

(646) 688-4180


2.Taqueria Tl Pastor

17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (2)

You like tacos, but did you order them from Taqueria? You have to try to order it in this restaurant and I am sure you will love it.

The ones they sell here are filled with pulled pork, diced pineapple, and then a giant taco. They also use other types of meat.

In most cases, they are also cut into almost seven carat diamonds. They usually season meat and vegetables to get the perfect flavor.

I love their guacamole. I mean, it's something different that you should try. They even make the tortillas with just the right amount of chewiness and everything is delicious.

Address: 128 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: (718) 269-7538



17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (3)

They often decorate the restaurant with amazing Mexican murals and this will bring you closer and closer to home.

I like their carnitas and you should try them too. I don't know if it's just because I like pork, but I'm sure it will be a unique meal to try with your friends.

They make it dry and almost soupy, but they also put it in the taco and you can top it off with guacamole.

They will also make your best bean stuffed enchilada. You can eat this with mild tomato sauce.

This restaurant was strategically designed for your comfort at dinner time.

Before Covid this was one of the perfect gathering places.

Address: 213 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA. UU.

Phone: +1 347-916-1227


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17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (4)


If you live in Bushwick this destination will be perfect for you. If you also like Mexican cuisine, I know you must know this place by now.

This is one of the best areas you are sure to visit if you just want an authentic Mexican flair.

For me they are the best fresh fish tacos, but have you tried the scallops al aguachile? You will like their gluten free tacos. Their tortillas are mostly thick and fluffy, but they taste like thisWas.

This is the only place to go if you are just looking for Mexican flair.Have lunch.

If you are one of those people who likes fashion events, you will enjoy it on weekends. They will present some of the best drag brunches with unforgettable music to accompany it all.

Address: 1 Knickerbocker Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237


5.public house

17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (5)

The moment you walk into this restaurant you feel the Mexican atmosphere and what better way to enjoy meals than to feel like you are in Mexico at first sight.

This will be your modern farmhouse and you will probably like to add your small plates to the mix.

In addition, they usually deliver the perfect cocktails for those who like to enjoy meals in the different rooms.

This is what you will love the most about them, everything they bring you here is made with great care.

Thanks to the excellent work of their chefs, they are among the best Michelin restaurants.

I always say that you don't go into the usual; If you're up for something new, try the sizzling rib-eye plate, topped with melted sweet ramps, meco peppers, and smoked marrow. If you like classes, take classes at the Public House.

that's aMexican restaurantwhich you can find in North Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In general, you should know that the culture mixes Mexican delicacies with those of the local market.

Throughout the year, Executive Chef Brett Riley and Sean Curneen have worked hard to serve up some of the best dishes.

Address: 594 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA. UU.

Phone: +1 718-388-3555


6.spark - spark

17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (6)

The brand name stands out and is what they have always used to attract the perfect laid back crowd in Williamsburg.

This is another space for that fresh but very tasty food that makes all the difference.

People love their tacos and say that when they use the warm homemade tortillas and then wrap them in the smoked marrow, they come out soft and fluffy.

You also have chorizo ​​jam and toasted lime to make a fantastic meal.

You will also love the drinks, from the wine to all the soft drinks.

Address: 241 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, US. UU.

Phone: +1 718-388-8860


7.Coscal de Allende

17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (7)

It will give you the perfect delicious dining experience. The founders had a restaurant.Manhattan before finally deciding to move to Brooklyn.

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Thus, the restaurant they opened serves to create the perfect environment to attract more visitors.

The essence of the restaurant is to satisfy the Mexican desire.

You should check the stuffing to see if it's what you like to eat. Most of their meals and tacos also have cheese for added flavor.

This restaurant will bring the artistic atmosphere home. But more than anything, I love hunting clubs.

You see, this one will always have an avocado, chorizo ​​and cheese filling. If you like quesadillas, this will be good for you since they make the typical ones.

Most of the groceries they sell are generally affordable. So they make the food from scratch and make it authentic but the healthiest.

You can go in and enjoy the food there or take it away.





17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (8)

if you are lookingThe best placeThis can make it easier for you to understand culinary skills and the culture in which Mesa operates.

The only thing you will like is that most of the time they will show you how to prepare the best Mexican dishes that reach the end of generations.

The long rustic communal tables are the perfect place to serve food. But of course they want you to try the menu to make sure you enjoy the food.

The only question is: what do you want to eat? They eat here whenever it's Mexican food. When you're in Brooklyn and want to try some of the amazing dishes, try this one.

Address: 372 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: (718) 782-8171


9.Don Pepe cakes and juices

17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (9)

This restaurant opened in 2003. At that time they were making empanadas, a type of empanadaSandwich, it was large. That would feed you well even if you brought your family. To this day, it has earned a reputation for selling some of the best Mexican sandwiches.

They sell the sandwiches because they have different names from foreign countries or cities in Mexico.

But besides the name, you will love it because it packs a lot of meat in one sandwich. Another thing that you will like about the restaurant is that they sell some of the best juices.

You can then eat the sandwich along with the different juices.

If you come to this restaurant, know that you only come to eat the best meat sandwich with juices. But nowadays there are also things like tacos and empanadas.

Address: 3908 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Phone: (718) 435-3326


10Deli Taqueria Girls

17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (10)

Are you near Maria Hernandez Park?

Here's Nene's. Chef Andrés is known for preparing some of the best Mexican dishes you will find.

This is one of the youngest and most creative Mexican chefs of all time. Well this is not so much a great restaurant; Instead, it's a street order place that gives you a taste of Mexican food.

I mention it here because I think you should give it a try as you will like the food on offer. My personal favorite is the steak burrito.

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Choose the right food for you. When you finally have a choice, head to Parque María Hernández.

Address: 14 Starr St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: (347) 413-6684


11great electricity

17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (11)

Here you have another of the best Mexican restaurants located in the heart of Dumbo. In most cases, we have the restaurant that offers the authentic way of preparing Mexican food.

The type of food they offer here is market driven which makes it even better to use.

The menu makes it easy to present the different types of food found in Mexico.

You will get an amazing feel for California style Mexican cuisine. I like Amish chicken.

You end up with a mix of two cuisines, and that can only mean you have a wide range of options.

Address: 5 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Phone: (718) 852-2700


12UK Course

17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (12)

Tan refers to clear and in some cases means natural. When they use this expression, it's usually to make sure the person they're talking to feels comfortable.

Well, that's what you'll get at this restaurant. Their goal is to make you feel good. Most people who eat here are always satisfied and relaxed.

In Claro, N.Y. and Oaxaca collide, thanks to chef T.J. He was a person who loved and loves Oaxacan cuisine and culture.

Of course, you will eat exotic food in a cozy but innovative corner near the Gowanus canal.

In summer, many people sit in the backyard to enjoy food. If you also want, you can check the food online.

Address: 284 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11215

Phone: (347) 721-3126


Everything you need to know about Claro

13Gordo Kantine

17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (13)

You will like this restaurant because it is a relaxed restaurant, but when you eat there, you will be surprised that it is excellent food. So if you are in Bushwick take a walk to this restaurant.

You will love grilled corn on a stick. They often bring the authentic Mexican style of food here.

Keep in mind that you will enjoy this meal in the most authentic way. Just know that you will appreciate the uniqueness of the taco marinade.

You will mainly like the guacamole, but the different types of tacos are great. This is a neighborhood restaurant in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Take a walk to taste the best original dishes at Gordo's.

Address: 140 St Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: (917) 947-9208


14doña zita brooklin

17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (14)

(Video) Dumbo Brooklyn: NYC Guide | BEST Things to DO | Brooklyn Bridge Park

This is another of the basic stalls where you can find the best and most authentic Mexican food. What do you need, tacos, quesadilla or tortilla?

Dona offers a variety of foods, and while I'm happy to choose the best one for you, I suggest you try it for yourself. You put it in the back ofIsla Coney, and most people refer to it as Bowery Island.

Here you have a large taco or even a quesadilla, but you can be sure that they will achieve the perfect flavor and texture.

One of my favorite foods is the poblana bed, and this is the type of sandwich that will never fit in your mouth. It also has the perfect papalavo leaves to make it colorful yet deliciously delicious.

You only have to go to this restaurant for something like an appetizer, in addition to a meal.

1221 Bowery Street, Brooklyn, Nueva York

Phone: (347) 492-6160


15.mexican bistro maria

17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (15)

If you are looking for fresh and vibrant, yet flavorful Mexican cuisine, head to the restaurant. It takes you back home in space-time. But the restaurant we have here has the perfect back patio so you can dine al fresco if you so desire.

This restaurant is committed to the best decoration to complement the meals. So it gives you the environment in the process.

They transform the simplest Mexican dishes into unique delicacies. This is your restaurant if you like the combination of different cheeses. In other cases, you have the mixture of chicken and almonds.

Address: 886 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Phone: (718) 438-1608


sixteen.Mexikanische Tortilleria Los Hermanos

17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (16)

If you are looking for authenticity and good food, this is the place to go. You will find this restaurant on the Bushwick premises.

It is a simple place that you would never believe that it will only bring or serve you Mexican food. They are more like the tortilla shop that will never disappoint.

Note that the tortillas they make here are transferred from the factory to the kitchen.

The good thing though is that they will get you the perfect seats in no time. If you are a foodie then you must know that you are going to like this restaurant. People like tortillas because you can do a lot with them.

Address: 271 Starr St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: (718) 456-3422



17 Best Mexican Restaurants in Brooklyn (Places for Good Mexican Food) - Bklyn Designs (17)

The last one on the list is one of my best and personal favorites. Whether you're looking for a tequila, margarita, or a variety of cocktails, you'll find it here.

Chef Arturo has all the experience to prepare the perfect Mexican food and various drinks.

Since you opened this restaurant, you have loyal customers who show you or tell you that your service is first class.

There are so many guests who appreciate and love authentic flavors.

Visiting this restaurant today will make you feel like you are traveling to Mexico. You will be surprised how attractive they are.

Any food you find on the menu is great. Make a reservation today to experience dining there.

Address: 736 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: (718) 622-3100


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