17 best coffee shops in Amsterdam: The best places to smoke in 2022 Page 1 of 0 (2023)

The challenge? Find the best cafes in Amsterdam.

The crème de la crème of cannabis, the gauntlet of ganja, the princesses of marijuana and the masters of Mary Janes.

So where to smoke weed in Amsterdam? Here are 17 of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam to get high.

ABOVE:Not sure how to look like a pro on your first ride? look at ourComplete guide to smoking weed in Amsterdam, or our instructionsVisiting a cafe in Amsterdam for the first time. Smoke responsibly! 😉

1. Coffeeshop Sloterdijk: the coffeeshop that could be a 5-star hotel

17 best coffee shops in Amsterdam: The best places to smoke in 2022 Page 1 of 0 (1)

Forget the dark and gloomy Amsterdam cafes of yesteryear.Cafe Sloterdijkit is ultra modern, flooded with natural light and luxuriously decorated with marble countertops, wood and gold accents.

Are you surprised and don't know what to order? The "cannabis sommeliers" who take the time to find the right strain for your day and even the bouncers at the front will give you a smile and help - that's rare in Amsterdam. 😂

Of course, if you feel like you need a space cake to get started, you can do that too - just choose from the range of Red Velvet cakes, brownies or pies.

Although this cafe is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, it's easily accessible by train or car (with on-site parking).

2. Boerejongens West: The region's most stylish interiors

farm boysit is a favorite among Amsterdam locals. The chain has four locations in Amsterdam, all elegantly decorated with gold accents in marble, wood and brass. What class!

You'll be welcomed by a bowler hat-wearing host, but it's not all smoke and mirrors: its trained staff are the sommeliers of the Dutch marijuana world.

Boerejongens also sells some of the best marijuana, hashish and space cakes (called "Spacetry", like cakes, get it?) in Amsterdam for a fair price.

📍Where to find:Do we likeBoerjongens West am Baarsjesweg 239

3. Coffeeshop Amsterdam (formerly known as Dampkring 2): For the ultimate vibe

Cafe Amsterdam(formerly Dampkring 2) is as famous as it is popular throughout the region.

We blamed the party music, the great atmosphere, and the location just minutes from Amsterdam Central Station.

17 best coffee shops in Amsterdam: The best places to smoke in 2022 Page 1 of 0 (2)

Spread over three spacious levels, Coffeeshop Amsterdam offers a smokers' menu with delicious variety.

Also, the prices are fair, the products are *by the chef* and the "special cakes" are considered the best in town.

📍Where to find:Haarlemmerstraat 44, 1013 ES Amsterdam

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4. De Tweede Kamer: a cafe of the centuries

Fancy a little piece of Dutch coffee shop history?Chamber of Deputieswas founded in 1985 when Dutch cannabis regulations were new to the world.

At that time, De Tweede Kamer was the first coffee shop to start weighing and packing products in front of customers. This allowed customers to see, feel and smell the quality of the products.

17 best coffee shops in Amsterdam: The best places to smoke in 2022 Page 1 of 0 (3)

Word on the street is that the dedicated team doesn't sell anything they wouldn't smoke themselves, and this continual quest for quality shows in the extensive cannabis menu.

This cafe in Amsterdam is a testament to true smoking culture with an intimate and cozy atmosphere (pleasurable!).

Even better? The name Tweede Kamer is a playful homage to the Dutch Parliament.

5. The Stud: voller funky Ambiance

the asparagusIt has been around since 1982, with its open and friendly atmosphere attracting tourists and locals alike.

You can also simply have a coffee, read a magazine or have a chat. In fact, they describe their hosts as "traffic controllers, social workers, street sweepers, police officers and sometimes neighborhood agents." - Beautiful!

Stud was even awarded the title of "Best Cafeteria in the Netherlands" in 2015.

6. Voyagers: the purest joints in the world

This one is unique and good for tourists as they have a small one.Hotelright above the coffee shop! You'll find a wide variety of weed strains, from indica to sativa, as well as edibles.

It is also one of the few cafes in the area that has a separate section for straight pot smokers (only pot), separate from those who smoke pot combined with tobacco.

7. The balloon: Ideal for connoisseurs

This coffee shop is another old one, since it opened in 1978. It is right in front of the University of Amsterdam. So if you are studying there, you will know where to go to relax after your studies. 😉

As you'd expect from a cafe with so much heritage, there's a huge variety of weed, from the cheerful, outdoor-oriented weed to the hottest pot stuff straight from the west coast of the United States.

Far from the tourist mileThe globeIt is located in a quiet historic area with lots of greenery. There's also a wide range of teas and cold drinks, so take your time here to enjoy the atmosphere.

📍Where to find:Roetersstraat 12, 1018 WD Amsterdam, Holland

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8. Coffeeshop Relax: the best weed in the Jordaan in a cozy atmosphere

This is another classic Amsterdam cafe. Located in a cozy place in the famous Jordaan district of Amsterdam,coffee relaxationIt's just a five-minute walk from the main train station.

17 best coffee shops in Amsterdam: The best places to smoke in 2022 Page 1 of 0 (4)

This coffee shop has also won awards for the quality of its product, such as first place in the Highlife Cup in 2019.

Inside, you'll find their signature marijuana and hash products, espresso and other coffees, soft drinks, tea and an assortment of freshly baked pastries, and of course you can sit down to an important football game. What could not be loved?

📍Where to find:In der Oranjestraat 9, 1013 HZ Amsterdam(to the middle) andVechtstraat 9, 1078 RE Amsterdam(to Amsterdam South)

9. Katsu Coffee Shop & Gallery: Next to the brewery

Cafe Katsuis located in the heart of De Pijp, between the Albert Cuyp market and the Heineken brewery.

Upon entering, you feel a rather irresistible feeling of relaxation.

No one rushes to worry about the little things, and simplicity is the name of the game. Coffee is coffee, juice is juice, and Strawberry Kush is Strawbe. Wait a minute, Strawberry Kush?

It's true that Katsu has some of the best strains, the prices are reasonable for the crowd, and the atmosphere can't compare to the crowds at some touristy places.

10. Barney's Coffeeshop: To smoke weed in a historic location

barneysIt's a coffee shop you go to when you want to sit and take your time.

In this case, believe me, Barney's is almost synonymous with Amsterdam.

Housed in a 500-year-old historic building on Haarlemmerstraat, you can soak up Amsterdam's old-school vibes in one of the city's trendiest spots.

This coffee shop has also won several High Times Cup awards, so yes, the quality is perfect.director. ☘️🏆

11. The Point Coffeeshop: For a unique strain

If you visit Amsterdam, don't miss itThe point. This cafe in Amsterdam is a must-visit just because they actually ask, "How are you?"

Yes, it's strange to think that coffee shops are antisocial, butDamn you,Have you ever taken weed from a guy who doesn't smile?

This is why we love The Point so much, Jeff and Daniel the guys behind the counter are super friendly and will point you in the right direction to get you to the high point you are looking for.

17 best coffee shops in Amsterdam: The best places to smoke in 2022 Page 1 of 0 (5)

The Point is like Amsterdam's silent hitmaker, they produce their own strain, they call it The Point Special and that's what it is.better than anything you smoked in Amsterdam*(a completely unscientific study).

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Relaxing, even soothing and a perfect remedy for joint pain or stomach cramps. Point Special is a strain to speak of.

12. Easy Times Coffeeshop: ideal for beginners

If you're making a list, you better add it now.

Let's say you have one Sunday left and the afternoon gets longer. It's 1pm. m., but it feels like 5 pm. m. since it has no other charge: a visiteasy timescan revitalize your day.

A great experience if you are a first time smoker and have escaped to Amsterdam.to try. The team is patient with everyone and will help you make an informed decision.

They have an amazing G-13 Amnesia Haze that is loved by growers and smokers alike for its sublime aroma, flavor and high.

13. Coffeeshop Pacific: For Dog Lovers

A great smoking place that isn't so gloomy and drab inside,Pacific Cafeteriait has lots of natural light and its summery color scheme is reminiscent of a beach house.

This cafe has a dog named Seven who may bark at first but will soon calm down once you enter.

The guy who runs the bar has been doing this for years, the place has relaxing music, open air and plenty of seating.

14. Coffeeshop Papillion: a free coffee shop

This is an Amsterdam cafe worth staying longer than usual. "mariposa', loosely translated from French as 'butterfly', is a perfect place to smoke a cigarette outdoors on a warm summer afternoon.

A family business that has existed since the 1980s, this café has a very cozy lounge area, an excellent sound system and two employees who are solely responsible for the quality of the herb.

15. Paradox: Delicious Space Cakes

This is a strain for lovers of weed and all things edible.

When you try a “space cake” or food product for the first time, that's it.ParadoxThe staff are friendly enough to advise you on what to expect. You can also find good hash and the prices are really fair.

If you want to avoid breaking the bank on weed when you arrive in Amsterdam, Paradox is a safe bet. The further you get away from the center, the cheaper the weed tends to be.

📍Where to find:First Bloemdwarsstraat 2R, 1016 KS Amsterdam

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16. Coffeeshop Get Down To It: A place for the crowd

As you wander and wander the streets of Amsterdam you will find the belovedcafeteria to work– which is big enough to bring the whole gang.

Formerly known as The Internet Cafe Coffeeshop, Get Down To It has a great indoor location and atmosphere, and you're minutes away from the long lines at nearby The Bulldog.

Skip the line, go upstairs, then escape for a "trip" to Vondelpark or nearby market.

17. The Original Dampkring: Now a Great Movie

No article on the best cafes in Amsterdam without this one, right?

Many rappers are known to visit these cafes in Amsterdam (Snoop, G-Eazy, YG) and this particular place was even featured in the movie Oceans 12.

Now let's talk business:to atmosphereit hosts an extensive list of weed varieties. Employees are used to people being horrified by the options.

They have two bars, one with smoothies and juices and various snacks, the other with herbs. Diners simply sway to great music or play cards and walk around the grassy table.

Long story short it has a great ambience and even has a cat so if you ask for tea he might steal your milk. 🐈

The Coffeeshop Info Center Amsterdam: For questions about smoking weed in Amsterdam

Let's just say this list is a little overwhelming for your senses and you want a little more information before you start playing a blunt point. Well then,Das Coffeeshop-InfocenterIt will satisfy all your curiosity.

Want to know more about how to smoke weed in Amsterdam? Doubts about the herb itself? Or maybe you want to know more about legislation on cannabis and other soft drugs in the Netherlands?

Whatever you need, the Coffeeshop Info Center has the answers to your questions.How convenient!(How useful!)

What to do after visiting some of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is full of surprises, most of them within walking distance.

You can cultivate yourself andvisit a museum, There are many of them. When the sun comes out, put on your sunglasses, kick off your shoes and relax somewhere in the grass.Add a few drops of CBD oilin your Coke to feel more relaxed.

Or maybe you want to start the night andexperience a leisurely stroll with some truffles? They are legal in the Netherlands and can be purchased in smartshops (Note: they are different from coffeeshops). However, make sure you read up on the effects they have before taking them!

If you just want a joint and then meet your friends at another bar, remember that there are others.cigar bars in amsterdam. Your friends can drink and you can smoke - the best of both worlds!

Where are your favorite cafes in Amsterdam? Tell us about your steamy adventures in ours.facebook group!

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published in March 2019, but was fully covered in January 2022 to bring you the most up-to-date information.


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