11 of the Best Walking Trainers (2023)

walking is greatform of exercise, with a lot of physical preparation andMental healthBenefits. Hiking can give you a new appreciation of nature. And the joy that can be found in walking outdoors every day is unmatched.

Walk outdoorsIt's great for a change of scenery, fresh air, sunlight, and exercise. Sometimes overlooked as a form of exercise, walking can help you build stamina,Burn caloriesand improve your heart health. Why not make walking, with all its benefits, a permanent habit of a healthy lifestyle and buy the best shoes to ensure your feet are comfortable, supported and capable of going the distance?

What is the difference between sneakers and walking shoes?

Walking and running seem objectively similar activities. However, the two are different, as are the demands they place on your feet and footwear.

Walking distributes body weight more evenly on the feet compared to running. There are points where both feet are firmly planted on the ground, making the weight of your feet different.

Running, on the other hand, requires the support of at least two to three times your body weight, since each step has moments when neither foot touches the ground.

Hiking shoes are designed with the specific body mechanics of hiking in mind. Built to be more flexible through the ball of the foot for greater freedom of movement. It also provides more arch support to protect where the force is greatest on the foot.

Sneakers, on the other hand, provide additional ankle support for forward and lateral movements. This type of shoe is designed for going to the gym and for casual use. They are not designed for use in long runs and are better suited for shorter durations.

The best running shoes.

11 of the Best Walking Trainers

1. Nike React Escape Running Shoes

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (1)


Whether you're hiking with friends or shopping alone, these shoes bring a little more self-care to your life with comfortable cushioning designed specifically for women's feet. The midsole is made of a flexible, durable foam that responds to your foot every mile.

Benefits:It features a wider neck, padded foam, and eight colors.
Disadvantages:More for casual use

Analysis:"Amazing shoes. My absolute favorites. I want to buy another pair of these. So comfortable!"

2. Ultra 7.0 DMX MAX Walking Shoes

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (2)


These white running shoes from Reebok are designed to fit you, with a supportive fit and cushioning for protection. Not only are they perfect for walking, but they're also a great all-around shoe that goes with most outfits. An absolute must.

Benefits:Customizable and beautiful design.
Disadvantages:the size is small

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Analysis:"I am on my feet all day. They are very comfortable and have the support I need."

3. New Balance Shoes for Women 624v5

Featuring EVA foam midsoles for firm, flexible cushioning and shock absorption, this New Balance is available in width sizes such as Standard, Wide, X-Wide, and XX-Wide. Roomy and comfortable, finally find the perfect fit!

Benefits:good for wide feet
Disadvantages:Warm compared to mesh sneakers.

Analysis:“Wow, after having stitches under my foot, I was looking for a shoe that was supportive and comfortable. Well I found it! Just beautiful, straight out of the box, possibly the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned."

4. Coach Jack Walker

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (4)

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (5)


These shoes have it all: breathability, abrasion protection, water resistance, slip resistance, and good grip. Available in black with white or orange details. We think they look great and wouldn't look out of place anywhere you choose.

Benefits:Good support and breathable.
Disadvantages:Water repellent but not waterproof.

Analysis:"I bought these shoes in black, they look great and are very comfortable to wear with great inner arch support."

5. Mountain Warehouse Women's Outdoor Hiking Shoes

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (6)
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Perfect for hikes, long walks and everyday use, these shoes have heel and toe protection to protect your feet from direct impact and ensure your shoes last longer. Durable, breathable EVA cushioning molds snugly to your foot for the comfort and support you need on the go.

Benefits:Cheap and good support.
Disadvantages:the sole could be thicker

Analysis:"These are the best walking shoes I have ever bought"

6. STQ Women's Slip-On Hiking Shoes

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (7)

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (8)


These easy-on, easy-off sneakers come in a variety of colors to suit your style, while providing excellent comfort with air-cushioned memory foam soles. Lightweight, breathable, and with arch support, it ensures comfort wherever you go.

Benefits:Light, many colors and easy to place
Disadvantages:Shoe opening can be a little tight

Analysis:"I am wearing them today and my feet are very comfortable in them. I think I have foot problems. I need support, the fact that they are light is an added bonus. Very comfortable, I am very happy in them, so far. I will would recommend."

7. Female Minbei Coach

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (9)

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (10)


Comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, these shoes are packed with shock absorption and cushioning to support your feet and knees every step of the way. Affordable and available in 32 colours, you can dress and dress in style.

Benefits:Many colors and good price
Disadvantages:Soles can be a bit slippery

Analysis:"These SHOES are the MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES I've ever worn and fit great. I highly recommend them."

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8. GAXmi Women's Sneakers

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (11)

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (12)


In a trendy color palette, these shoes are designed with a shock-absorbing midsole for hitting the sidewalks, allowing you to run safely and comfortably without hitting the concrete too hard. They are made from a flexible mesh material and offer excellent breathability that keeps your feet cool, especially in hot weather.

Benefits:Many colors and good for walking around the city.
Disadvantages:A little big, bigger size

Analysis:“Wearing these shoes is like walking on clouds. Ideal for exploring the sights while on vacation.”

9. Gelert Waterproof Hiking Shoes for Women

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (13)

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (14)


Tried and tested by Senior Business Content Writer,Leonor Weber.

“I own a pair of these myself and can attest that after an extremely muddy and wet hike in the backcountry in February, these shoes are excellent at handling the dirt and terrain that comes with walking on pavement. With a padded ankle and molded insole, your feet will be supported and you'll stay upright with excellent grip."

Benefits:Good for rainy rides
Disadvantages:no tan flexible

Analysis:"Bought to walk the dogs in winter, so far so good, dry feet"

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10. Bondi 7 women

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (15)


Although they are expensive, these trainers are definitely worth the money. With thousands of accolades, they come in a variety of stylish designs and are suitable for wide feet. With a soft, cushioned sole, these vegan slippers are some of the best you can buy.

Benefits:Choice of colors, roomy and regular fits, and a popular pick
Disadvantages:The back heel does not have as much structure.

Analysis:"A great shoe for my needs. I love its light weight and soft sole. I average 10 miles a day and run every once in a while and it's pure cushioning. The recovery during the run is remarkable."

11. Skechers Arch Fit – Big draw

11 of the Best Walking Trainers (16)


These casual, comfortable running shoes have a removable Arch Fit cushioning insole system with certified arch support. It is specifically designed to distribute pressure across the entire arch of the foot and provide stability, balance and support.

Benefits:Choice of colors and arch support certified by podiatrists
Disadvantages:could use more padding

Analysis:“I had no idea Skechers had their own line of supportive shoes until I desperately searched for some kind of relief for my feet. The "Big Appeal" sneakers I bought are incredibly comfortable - I can't believe I've worn them to pack/change, run errands all day, and spend hours on the hard, unforgiving work floor without pain in my knees and feet. I am used to it. Big thanks to Skechers for making a sleek, athletic looking shoe that not only supports my arches but makes moving so much more comfortable again! I feel like these sneakers go with everything I have in my closet and no one can tell I'm wearing a support shoe unless I tell them (I didn't shut up!) I will definitely be buying arch shoes from their line again once they disband and I can't wait to see what new styles and colors await me!"

Find the perfect fit for your running shoes

We are often taught that we need to break in or wear our shoes before they will fit us. While it's best to wear new shoes for a short time at first to check for chafing or pressure points, a shoe that fits you well will feel ready to wear.

Be sure to try on the shoes before buying/throwing off the receipt and find the perfect fit. take care of herWash the shoes wellso you can make them permanent.

To make sure you stay out of trouble, avoid trainers who:

When trying on new shoes, try them on in the afternoon, as your feet can swell as the day progresses. Over the years, our feet naturally change shape and size, so finding the right fit can be a process of trial and error. In the end it will be worth it!

Walk the 1000 mile challenge

Has your walking activity really increased? So how about taking up the Walk1000Miles challenge? Run by our friends at Country Walking Magazine, it's a great way to tour the country, make friends, lose weight, and most importantly, have fun!

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Learn more about Walk1000Miles here.


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